• The Truth About the Social Work Profession

    Before she became a professor at UK, Dr. Kalea Benner worked as a licensed clinical social worker focusing on mental health as a children’s counselor. Before her interest in working with kids, she invested her time with adolescents at a residential facility for (mostly) teenage girls.

  • 3 Empowering Female Artists

    This article is dedicated to three extremely talented, influential and empowering female artists; Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Kesha, and the importance they have created for women with their music.

  • To the Undecided College Student

    Picking your dream school is tough and I am major proof of that considering I am currently a senior at UK – and this is the fourth college I have attended.

  • Teddy Bridgewater: The NFL's "Comeback Kid"

    During his rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had not only earned the starting quarterback position for the Vikings, but he lead the team to the NFL playoffs in 2015.

  • Music Review: "Reputation" By Taylor Swift

    If you are judging Taylor Swift’s new album, “Reputation,” based on the lead single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” do you even know Taylor Swift? Let me reintroduce you, or rather, the reputation you can choose to see.

  • 5 Ways to Give Back This Season

    The month of giving thanks is here and it is a charitable time. For so many college students, it hard to donate and most do not know where to turn to help out this season. The following are some ways that you can help give back!

  • 5 Shows You Should Be Streaming

    It is almost time for Thanksgiving break, so what better time to binge watch a season of a new show. I signed up for the Hulu student...

  • Dear Freshmen (And Everyone Else)

    With less than four months until my 22nd birthday, I realized I am currently living what are supposed to be the best years of my life. I also realized that most of us are spending this time watching Netflix, blowing air out of our noses instead of properly laughing at memes and swiping left on Tinder. Which is okay, everyone needs to do nothing sometimes.

  • If You Hustle You Are a "Bad B*tch"

    Being a “bad b*tch” is strongly correlated with women having perfect bodies. You see it on social media every day. Women with flat tummies...

  • Book Review: "Tear This Heart Out" By Ángeles Mastretta

    Every semester when classes begin students know the drill by now; the first day of class the professor passes out the syllabus, we go over expectations as a group and then we all find at least one assignment we know we will dread completing.

  • Why I Am a Feminist

    Last week my boyfriend of four years cheated on me. The number of times I have already said this statement is astounding, starting first by...

  • #MeToo Movement

    Sexual Assault is a serious crime that is often overlooked. Because many women have been afraid to speak up, their stories have gone untold for a long time. It is essential that in the rise of the #MeToo movement, we understand why these stories have been silenced for so long and why it is crucial that we respect, listen and support the brave souls who have participated in the movement.

  • Thank You, Mom and Dad

    “You can’t pick your family.” And while that might be true, if you are lucky, you realize that you could not have picked a better family yourself even if you tried, because you have already been blessed with the best one.

  • What Is Your Happiness?

    Happiness is different for everyone. What makes me happy and keeps me going is different than what makes others happy. But that is why human happiness is so interesting from person to person. We all go through different things at different parts of our lives.

  • Me Too

    This past month there was an overwhelming amount of Facebook statuses and tweets holding a simple message stating, “Me Too.”

  • To the Girls Who Overbook Themselves

    Your college years are extremely contradictory. This is the time in your life when you are supposed to be taking your schooling more seriously than you did in high school and you are supposed to be “resume building” by trying to be as involved as possible in extracurricular activities.

  • An "Almost" Love Story

    Everyone has that one person that sets your standards so high, it is hard to find someone else to match. I have that and had that for a long time. Whether or not he thinks this or has even thought about me since, I am not sure.

  • 7 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through the Week

    We all need a little inspiration to keep us going every week. School, work, homework and maintaining a social life is a hard balance for everyone. So read these quotes, feel inspired and kill this week – You can do it!

  • Becoming Independent

    Throughout my first few months at college I have gotten to know my friends and myself on a whole new level. As many people are on their own for the first time with new unfamiliar faces and lots to learn, we have to be a support system for each other as we figure out UK together.


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