Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy

As I go through my second semester in college, I have started embracing new ways to stay mentally healthy. With everything going on in my life, new classes, friends, and a new environment, I started realizing the importance of evaluating how I'm feeling. Here are a few ways I believe are the best ways to keep a clear mind through stressful times.
Talk to Someone This may seem obvious and repetitive, but talking to someone really does relieve that internal built-up stress or anger one may have; know that you're never alone and someone is always there to listen. If you find it difficult to talk to your loved ones about personal dilemmas, talk to a therapist. Therapists still have a stigma around them; you don't have to have something wrong with you to see a therapist. They are trained professionals that could offer you valuable advice. You could also consider going to group therapy. These groups help you find people who may be facing similar challenges and experiencing the same emotions as you or just want to talk to someone.
Download an App If you're hesitant to seek out a listening ear from a real-life person, go online! The Apple Store and Google Play offer great resources you could use to talk to professionals over online chats.
Take a Mental Health Day As a college student with a job, I find myself having no time to do what I like to do. I realized that doing this makes me feel burnt out because I'm always either studying, working, or doing chores, but I never get a sufficient amount of sleep or downtime; sometimes, you just need a break. Take a personal day and go do something you want. Whether it's with friends, family, or completely alone, any way you choose is completely up to you. Watch your favorite show or just take some time to reflect.
Find Something You Love Many people like to express themselves through music or writing. Try finding an instrument you like, or any a new way of expressing yourself that you enjoy most.