Fitness with Finesse: Secrets to an Efficient Workout

Why is it that guys seem to go to the gym, lift some weights for 20 minutes, and suddenly end up with great bodies? OK, maybe it’s not quite that easy, but, seriously, we need to find out their secret, and I think I’ve finally figured out what it is: efficiency.

In a recent article in Men’s Health, the secrets of the magazine’s extremely fit (and extremely hot) models and readers were finally revealed. Here are selected secrets that collegiettes can use to make every trip to the gym an effective workout that will have you looking your best in no time!

1. Rethink Your Nutrients – Rather than the typical carbohydrate-laden American diet, check out the “Tower of Muscle Foods” that focuses on high-protein foods, vegetables, starches, and fruits.

2. Get Outside for More Vitamin D – Research shows that those with higher levels of Vitamin D have stronger muscles than those with lower levels, so go for a run outside or spend an hour at the pool to work on your tan and your fitness!

3. Protein, Protein, Protein – Make sure you eat some form of protein during every meal -- it helps your body build muscle faster! Try eggs, Greek yogurt, edamame, or lean chicken and turkey.

4. Work Your Entire Body – How often you work a muscle is just as important as how hard your work it, so don’t slack off!

5. Work that Incline – Set your treadmill to at least a 3 percent incline to mimic outdoor running.

6. Sleep More – A lack of sleep leads to overeating, and we all know what that means! I always try to shoot for a bare minimum of six hours of sleep a night.

7. Increase Agility – Checking out yoga or Pilates will help you move faster, better, and stronger!

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