Fitness with Finesse: If You Got It, Flaunt It

Put a group of girls in front of a mirror, and it’s only a matter of time before it starts. “I hate my thighs,” or “Look at my stomach pooch; I shouldn’t eat anything else today,” or wait for it, “I’m never wearing a tank top again — please tell me you can’t see my flabby arms.”

Regardless of how truly great we look, we all body shame, and it’s a shame. Everybody has at least one (but probably more!) part of their body that they absolutely LOVE. Do you have long legs, a great backside, or maybe a toned pair of arms? Love that about yourself, and work to make it even better. Let’s focus on improving the body parts we love so that we never forget to love ourselves. Here are key exercises to get your favorite feature to the next level:

Legs Want to work on your legs of steel? It’s all about the body weight exercises — hold weights in your hands to make these moves extra intensive!

  • Jumping Lunges – three sets of 20 for each leg
  • Sumo Squats – three sets of 20 each
  • Wall Squat – three times for one minute each

Abs Already have beautiful flat abs? Let’s give them an extra dose of tone!  

  • Russian Twists – three sets of 50 full twists
  • Butterfly - three sets of 30 for each leg
  • V-sits – three sets of 25 each

Arms With summer almost here, you’ll want to show off your gorgeous arms, so get to work!

  • Tricep Dips – three sets of 25
  • Weighted Arm Raise – three sets of 15 (try to up your usual weights!)
  • Push-Ups – three sets of 15 (knees are fine!)

Butt Speaking of summer, can someone say ready for bikini season? You go girls!

  • Donkey Kicks – three sets of 25 for each leg
  • Single Leg Deadlift – three sets of 20 for each leg
  • Side Lunges – three sets of 20 for each leg

We all have areas we want to work on, but don’t forget to love your body for what it is: amazing!