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Fitness With Finesse: How to Stick to Your Fitness Goals at a Theme Park

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Headed to a theme park soon, but afraid you’re going to ruin all the healthy progress you’ve made in the kitchen and gym? Well, there’s no need to worry about anything but faith, trust and pixie dust! I’ve gathered my top five tips to help you stay on the healthy train before and after you hop on Space Mountain.

1. Start Your Day Off Right

No, I’m not just talking about putting on your favorite pair of Mickey ears! Get pumped for the magical day ahead with a healthy and hearty breakfast containing protein, veggies, fruits and whole grains. My personal favorite is a vegetable omelet, a slice of Ezekiel bread, a side of fruit and a green juice to drink. Eating a balanced meal to kick off your day will help give you the energy you need to walk several miles around the park and will help curb sugar cravings due to lack of nutrients. Winnie the Pooh would be proud!

2. Stay Hydrated

Not only are beverages at theme parks known for being ridiculously expensive, but most of the drinks offered are filled with chemicals and sugar. Keep yourself hydrated and energized to endure the heat of the sun by bringing along a Brita water bottle and using various water fountains around the park. This will ensure that you’re drinking clean water without sacrificing your wallet. If you still want some flavor, bring some Propel packets or Emergen-C tablets to load up on vitamins and minerals while fighting off theme park germs. You’ll feel as super as the Incredibles!  

3. Pack Snacks

Running around the park trying to find Hidden Mickeys sure can work up an appetite! However, when the time comes to snack, make sure you’re eating right. For a healthy dose of protein and fats, try measuring out some all-natural trail mix and bagging it up for later in the day. You’ll be saving a ton of money and avoiding a lot of unnecessary calories. You know what they say: Meal prep like a beast, and feel like a beauty…Or something like that.

4. Know Your Options

The best way to not mess up on anything in life is to be prepared for it! With that being said, doing a little research beforehand on various food options at the theme park will help you make the best decision for your body, rather than caving for the first food truck you see and scarfing down some corn nuggets. (Trust me–been there, ate that.) For example, there is a snack hut near the Little Mermaid ride at Magic Kingdom that has a plethora of fairly inexpensive healthy snacks such as hummus, fruit and vegetable packs. With the right knowledge of where to eat, you can stay energized and on track all day long. Fuel your body with the right food, and you’ll be feeling as fabulous as Ariel’s abs.

5. Treat Yourself in Moderation

Being dedicated to your nutrition goals is important, but so is knowing when to treat yourself and have a little fun. Since you will be burning a lot of calories walking around the park, you should consider whether or not you’ve earned a special treat! As long as you can indulge without binging, then ordering a Mickey-shaped ice cream or another one of your favorite snacks is not the end of the world or your fitness progress! In order to stay healthy, staying positive is key — which includes having a healthy outlook on food and enjoying every bite.

I hope these tips help you have a healthy and happy vacation where all of your fitness dreams come true. You deserve the best, princess!


Photo credit: moves.disney.in