Fitness with Finesse: How to Find Your Abs (And Keep Them)


Having the perfect set of abs has always been my No. 1 fitness goal. I love wearing bikinis, crop tops, and bodycon dresses, and we all know that a flat stomach is a must for these statement pieces. Make this bikini season your best yet with my two-step abs guide. Keep it up, and your abs will be here to stay!

Change your diet 
No, you don’t have to go on an eternal juice cleanse. The main enemies of your flat stomach are obvious: sugar and processed carbohydrates. I know, I know… They’re my favorites, too. But sometimes this easy fix can mean the difference between an OK beach day and a fantastic beach day – and still be delicious!

Instead of your usual bowl of cereal in the morning, enjoy a bowl of plain oatmeal garnished with a fruit of your choice. The unprocessed carb fills you up without bloating your stomach, and the fruit allows you to still enjoy something sweet! Blueberries have been especially proven to contribute to de-bloat, so enjoy a big bowl with no guilt.

Foods that contain monounsaturated fats (just remember, MUFAs) also help burn belly fat. Try almonds, avocados, olives, or even a few squares of dark chocolate! But remember: avocado and chocolate both have slightly higher levels of fat, so don’t go overboard.

Another great option for ab-friendly eating is lettuce or spinach. Enjoy eating a huge plate of salad with just a teaspoon or two of non-fat dressing and your stomach will be none the worse thanks to large amounts of fiber. Add tomatoes, carrots, pineapple, cranberries, or even cucumbers to brighten up your healthy meal.

For a more satisfying dinner, look for lean protein such as turkey or salmon, which contain lots of protein to keep you full and your diet nutritious!

Hit the ground running 
Let’s be honest; we all know from experience that 100 crunches the day before a beach trip achieves, well, nothing at all. What does work is running. That’s right. Just your running shoes and dedication (not extended spot-workouts) actually get the job done!

According to, every five minutes of running at a 10-minute-mile pace burns 45 calories. Run intervals to efficiently burn belly fat. You can also add in high-knee sections to really work your abs fast! Motivate yourself by thinking of how many more calories you burn compared to just a simple crunch.

If you’re at the gym, check out this new twist on a treadmill: Start the treadmill and come into a plank with your hands on the back of the treadmill and your feet on a Plyo Box; walk your hands in towards your core while holding your plank. You’ll definitely feel it (and see it) the day after.

As bikini season gets started, what are your top tips for flat abs? What will you be doing to look your best at the beach? Share your tips and make this the best abs guide!