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10 Reasons Why the Gym Isn’t as Scary as It Seems

Exercise is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle, and for most of us, this is unfortunate. I am the farthest thing from a gym rat, but I acknowledge how important it is to go to the gym and how good it makes me feel. Sometimes it’s just hard to get out of bed, and sometimes the gym can seem pretty intimidating. I’ve heard from tons of people that they are actually afraid of the gym and refuse to go. Here are some reasons why the gym is really not as scary as it seems, so you have one less reason to not go to the gym. You’re welcome.

1. No one is watching what you’re doing because everyone is focusing on themselves.  2. Literally no one cares about how sweaty you are or how chic your workout clothes are.

3. There will be people there that have abs and are more fit than you. Use those people as inspiration!

4. Working out takes effort, and people at the gym know this. You are at the gym to do something for your body. It’s a lot easier to just lie around in bed.

5. No one is watching how hard you are pushing yourself. Go at whatever pace you’re comfortable…

6. … because if you go too quick, then people may actually look at you.

7. The hardest part of the machine isn’t how to use it; it is actually doing the exercise.

8. Sometimes actually doing the exercise is too much, and no one will care if you take a much-needed break. After all, you took the effort to actually go to the gym.

9. You are a beautiful individual, and you are becoming a healthier you. You’re not sweating… you’re glistening.

10. Soon, you’ll be the fit girl everyone is jealous of. You always regret not going to the gym, but you’ll never regret going to the gym.

You should be proud of yourself for even thinking about working out because that is a lot more than most people do for their health. UF has amazing facilities to work out in, and you will feel incredible after a workout! The gym is not a scary place. Believe in yourself and become the best version of yourself that you can be.

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