How CorePower Yoga Gives Me The Power to Keep Going

I have always been into working out and trying to eat healthy. Throughout high school, I would attempt different workouts at the gym and would try new ways to lose weight: counting calories, counting steps and diets. This mindset continued in college for me, until this previous summer when I started my free week at CorePower Yoga. The free week means a week of free classes. Classes include yoga sculpt, basic yoga and intense yoga training. Personally, I kept returning to yoga sculpt because it was heated, you followed through the basic yoga routine and utilized weights for toning purposes. From then to now I have continuously been going to yoga sculpt classes and the results have been amazing. 

After just a few weeks of completely dedicating myself to working out at CorePower, I saw visible physical improvement. I noticed that my arms were way more toned, there was definitely more muscle, and my core was getting more “rock solid”. I was always the type of person who thought so negatively of my appearance and body image, but after I saw what yoga sculpt was doing to my body, my confidence started to really boost up. Because of the improvements I saw, I wanted to do better. I became more aware of what I was eating, when I was eating and eventually I lost the extra body fat I always hated. If anything, losing weight caused me to keep going and kept me motivated. Another feature of my body I always wanted to “fix” were my upper thighs; I wanted them to get smaller. In the past I tried everything: vigorously using ellipticals, treadmills and running for some time. It was not until I started yoga sculpt that I saw an obvious difference. My thighs did end up getting to the size I always wanted them to be. My body improvement and toning are all due to adding CorePower to my weekly routine. The mix of yoga poses with the addition of weights created an intense yet effective environment for working out. 

Personally, yoga also did wonders for my mental health. It is known that doing yoga tends to reduce anxious feelings. The breathing exercises and the focus on your body is a perfect distraction for anyone who often feels anxious like myself. Furthermore, because of the visible difference I saw in my body, I kept going to the classes. I was determined to keep going, improve my technique and look more fit. During the class itself, there is no way you can think about anything else but the class. The class goes on a fast pace, with the instructor constantly yelling out directions for the next yoga flow or movement. Afterwards, I always feel refreshed and even more motivated. The type of feeling I had after a yoga sculpt workout is euphoric. It puts me in the best mood for the rest of the day. Overall, I can easily say I feel happier, more productive and more energized ever since I dedicated my time to yoga sculpt. 

Overall, I highly recommend taking advantage of CorePower, especially if there is one near you. If you are not interested in yoga sculpt, there are a bunch of other classes that you can try during your free week. Also, it is never too late to get into shape and become happy with your body image. All the studios at CorePower have mirrored walls so you are actually looking at yourself during the workout; this is a positive thing. Personally, I learned to love how I looked even before the improvements from yoga. If you are nervous or seem to lack motivation, take a friend with you so you both get a week of just free classes. After a while, find the instructors you like, the classes you like and you will start to see familiar faces every time you go. Finally, do not be hard on yourself! The classes are difficult and it is steaming hot so do not get discouraged if you get tired quickly or seem like you are not putting in a lot of effort. In reality, you are doing wonders for your physical and mental health.