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My Post-Semester Detox

It seems that as the years go by, detoxes become more and more popular. Want to lose weight? Apple cider vinegar detox. Need more money? Financial detox. Need a new boyfriend? Relationship detox. I needed a new semester, so you guessed it: I detoxed. Honestly, I think there is a detox out there for everyone, so I decided to drop my anti-detox mentality and give it a go. It was a flop. Again, and again. I wanted something that hit all areas of my life (asking a lot, I know) because I was feeling overwhelmed and plain fed-up with the mess that was my life.

Then one day I had my moment of clarity. Every detox must come from somewhere. right? I mean someone must start them, so why couldn’t I just make my own? I decided to put this college education to work and come up with my perfect post-semester detox. I’ve decided to share these tips and hope that you too can have that post-semester glow!

1. Take it all in

After my semester is over I normally want to forget everything and jump right into couch potato mode, but this time I sat back and really took everything in. The good, the bad, and the "what was I thinking." Some of it made me say “oooooh girl,” and other things made me want to buy the first ticket to the Bermuda Triangle. At the end of my assessment, I realized that I’ve never told myself “good job." Like, ever. At the end of every semester, I looked at everything that I could’ve done better, but never really stopped to admire the effort.

Taking it all in is to remember that you’re doing your best with what you have. Sure, acknowledge the procrastination, poor choices, and whatever young dumb thing you did, but also remember to cut yourself some slack. College and adulthood are two complicated things on their own, but putting them together would test the sanity of a saint. Remember that you’re a badass who gives their all and makes it through no matter what, so it's ok if you stumble from time to time.

2. Let it go

At the end of my review, I saw some things that made me wonder “why?" Why did I keep doing that silly thing that made me procrastinate more, keep talking to that person who brought me negative vibes, or doing things that kept me from being my best me? I realized that I had to do some spring cleaning in my life and let things go.

This part will bring growing pains because we constantly hold on to things even though we know they're doing us no good. Don’t be afraid to let these things go because they are holding you back from your best you.

3. Live your best life.

I don’t know about you, but when I finish a semester I feel like I've been through some things. I’m fully in my messy bun, sleep deprived, "please don’t even breathe in my direction" mode and just want to live in my bed for the next year. This time though, I switched things up and took myself out. I decided to get the haircut I’ve been dreaming about, redecorated my room, and started working out again. I was trying to jump head first into every bit of self-care, and it made me feel like an entirely new woman.

The saying "all work and no play" applies here. You’re working towards a degree, and that requires hard work, dedication, and major sacrifice. Try to remember that and reward yourself for all your hard work. You deserve it.

4. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Commit.

Following these steps made me glow like I was in the spa every day, but like any beauty treatment, once you stop the upkeep, things get a little less cute. Maintenance is a major key.

Like any change, whether it’s losing weight, or trying to get that unbothered glow, consistency is a major key. Don’t stop once you get the results that you wanted. Wash, rinse, repeat and let the good times keep rolling.

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