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A hand reflected in the mirror
Her Campus at Winona How to Beautify Yourself

October 7th is National Inner Beauty Day—a day everyone is encouraged to bring their inner selves to the surface in order to celebrate our differences. In our day and...

netflix over the moon chang e goddess
Her Campus at UPR Movie Review: Over the Moon

If I had to choose just one word to describe the Oscar-nominated movie Over the Moon, it would be stunning. There wasn’t a scene in this movie that wasn’t...

Lizzo at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Her Campus at NMSU Why Lizzo Matters

From hearing that she’s 100 percent that chick and that she’s feeling good as hell, Lizzo is one of the most influential women in today’s...

A woman with a red/brownish backpack is standing on a pathway on a cliff. She is facing the sides of two mountains.
Her Campus at TAMU Picture Perfect

Hi there! Thanks for checking out this article! So, I gave myself a fun, little challenge of writing a short piece inspired by a photo in...

silhouette  of person looking at colorful sky
Her Campus at RIT her.

Her. The woman who stood before me. Her blonde hair was pulled to one side, each individual strand wrapped up in one another as if they...