I Tried Sound Therapy & It Changed My Life

My First Time

On Saturday, Oct. 19 at 2 p.m., I underwent a life-changing experience and I'll never be the same.

As part of a class assignment, I chose to attend a "sound healing" or "sound therapy" session and conduct research on the practice. Essentially, sound therapy is a ritual in which the administrator of the healing plays various instruments to a relaxed subject in order to make them feel at peace with the universe.

I have a musical background and have always had a connection to music, feeling as though it healed my wounds. However, I experienced it in a whole new way this time. 


I attended the session with two friends of mine. Our sound healer told us to lay down on meditation mats, close our eyes and set intentions for the session. It would be 40 minutes long.

The idea of doing nothing for 40 minutes kind of freaked me out. Being alone with my thoughts, or none at all, seemed crazy. I'm so used to racing thoughts and being in a constant state of stress. I guess this healing came at the perfect time for me with midterms in full swing. 

There I laid. On my mat. Shutting out the world. Our sound healer began to play her first instrument, the glorious meditation singing bowl. It was the most beautiful sound I've heard in a while. I closed my eyes and felt myself smirking. The sound encompassed the entire room. Because the lights were turned off and the window covered, it felt like I was alone with the music and no other sensations.

Our healer also played the finger piano, known for its soothing sound and ability to play common jingles. She also played the Tibetan Bell, which was the simplest sound, but still so pure and beautiful.


As I laid on the floor, I was able to shut out all of my thoughts. I felt so at peace. I was in a weird state of feeling asleep but knowing I was fully awake.

Suddenly, I felt myself sinking into the floor. My arms and legs felt like they melted into the floor. I was grounding. It was the most surreal feeling. 

I felt weightless and honestly thought I could fly at that moment. Memories from my childhood began flashing in my mind as I listened to the overwhelming sound of the singing bowl.


Once I returned from my meditation and awakened, my healer asked what my experience was like. For a moment, I was speechless. I felt so at peace and relaxed. I felt like I had just slept for an entire day if I ever knew what that felt like. 

I described the sinking sensation to her, and she shared that this meant I entered another realm. Not too bad for my first try, right?

She also described her inspiration for playing music during these sessions. Her visions came to her in dreams from her African ancestry and she always tried to read the room to determine what kind of music she'd play. 

I felt so comfortable in that space and it felt safe. As someone that struggles with anxiety, I had never experienced such a sense of tranquility before, without the influence of medication or other factors.

If you've always wanted to try sound therapy, or are just hearing about it for the first time, I definitely recommend it. You could have a mind-expanding experience like I did.

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