5 Fitness Influencers to Follow in 2020

With the growing presence of fitness influencers on social media, it can be hard at times to decide who to follow and find content that's centered around body positivity, physical and mental wellness, rather than fad diets and excessive calorie counting. When beginning my fitness journey, I was overwhelmed by the amount of girls on Instagram who looked “perfectly” skinny and who swore by green juices and maintaining a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. But as I consumed more and more of their content, I realized that rather than promoting healthy habits and clean eating, the lack of body positivity and realistic expectations was detrimental for my mental health as well. 

All of the beautiful women I've listed down below promote fitness in a way that enhances your everyday lifestyle while building healthy habits, and endorse clean or intuitive eating in a way that is sustainable, rather than a quick fix determined to fail after a week or two.

  1. 1. Georgie Stevenson

    Georgie is a lawyer turned entrepreneur and co-owner of her and her brother’s company, Naked Harvest Supplements. She is also the host of The Rise and Conquer Podcast, which features many amazing guest speakers and focuses on the fitness industry, entrepreneurship, wellness and mental health. Georgie promotes intuitive eating and eating to nourish your body, as well as regaining your confidence and living unapologetically. She can be found at georgiestevenson.net and on YouTube and Instagram under the handle @georgiestevenson!

  2. 2. Robin Gallant

    Robin is a Canadian fitness and lifestyle YouTube personality, currently living in the UK with boyfriend Ben Francis, the owner of Gymshark (my forever favorite athleisure and gym clothes company)! She has a bachelor of science in biochem/engineering and loves to focus on mental health, as well as her incredible skincare journey. While her Instagram gives us all the cute gym outfits with both motivational and insightful captions, her YouTube videos range from workouts to healthy eating to clothing hauls and morning routines. She can be found on YouTube as well as Instagram at @robingallantt.

  3. 3. Meggan Grubb

    Meggan is the founder of Rather Peachy, as well as the creator of the wildly successful workout guides from "The Peach Plan." She co-wrote the Rather Delish Cookbook with her now fiance, Niall Kirkland, in which they say “You don't have to compromise on flavor to stay feeling peachy! We have always believed that being healthy is about keeping your love for food, whilst making sensible decisions and keeping it balanced.” And of course, Meggan also has a YouTube channel encompassing everything from style and fitness to her relationship with Niall and her day to day life. Her Instagram is @meggangrubb and she's the co-host of the Sweet and Sour Podcast!

  4. 4. Whitney Simmons

    Not only is Whitney a fitness influencer, but she's also super into beauty as well! If you didn’t know, she partnered with Tarte to design the "Shape Your Money Maker" palette, which combines her love for both fitness and makeup. She recently designed her own app, Alive by Whitney, which features her own incredible workout program — but in case you don't want the full program, she constantly posts amazing workouts you can do on your own right on her Instagram and IGTVs. And of course, she has her YouTube channel, which features a lot of workout routines but also has countless videos on beauty, makeup, and fashion. Her Insta handle is @whitneyysimmons!

  5. 5. Natalie Bally

    Last but not least is Natalie, and while she does have a phenomenal YouTube channel, the reason she makes my top five list is because of her IGTV videos on mental health and self-care. On both IGTV and YouTube, she addresses many topics such as effectively managing anxiety, the importance of self-care, and how to live a healthier and happier life! Because she's also a college student, you can also find videos sprinkled into her accounts on how to plan for productivity, study successfully and maintain wellness as a college student. If you're looking for someone super relatable in the fitness industry to follow during your college fitness journey, Natalie is definitely your girl and can be found at @nattbfit!

Whether you're looking to embark on your own health and fitness journey or just want some motivation to eat a little healthier and get that midmorning workout in, having these girls on your feed will give you the inspiration you need, complete with body positivity, sustainable eating habits and soul food to nourish your mental health as well!