Staying Active Without the Gym—It’s possible!

With the days getting warmer, the motivation to go to the gym is starting to fall out. Your mind is already developing excuses for you to not go to the gym, and you find yourself blaming midterms or the heat for your lack of staying active. If you’ve fallen victim to the heat laziness, then maybe what you need is something different from your usual gym workout! In this article, I’ve devised a couple of fun alternatives to stay physically active, without the dull machinery of the gym.

1.  Free Classes

Who doesn’t love free classes? Going to group classes are sometimes exactly what you need when you’re not feeling motivated to workout by yourself. The Arc offers a variety of different classes each week, so be sure to check out the Arc website for a full schedule. If you are interested in some free yoga classes, CorePower Yoga at Woodbridge center offers a full week of free classes for new members, and often has free classes with instructors in training. Lululemon at the Irvine Spectrum Center also offers complimentary Bikram yoga on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 9:30 am.

2.  Fitting in ways to stay active during your day

There are various points in the day where you can incorporate a little bit of physical activity. While brushing your teeth, do different variations of squats. Instead of taking the elevator to the 3rd or 4th floor, take the stairs. Carry all of your books in your arms instead of putting them in your backpack. Try walking or riding your bike to school instead of taking the shuttle! If you must drive to school, park in the furthest parking spot you can and walk to your class.

3.  Be an Active TV Watcher

While you’re watching your favorite TV show, instead of sitting through commercials or fast-forwarding them, try doing a couple mini workouts in between the shows! Hold a plank for the amount of time of two commercials, do sit-ups or push ups for the length an entire commercial break, or try and see how many burpees you can fit in just one commercial… It’s a quick and easy way to stay active while watching your favorite television shows.

4.  Dance the night away

Get a group of friends together and get ready for a night of nonstop dancing! It’s a great way of burning some serious calories, and you can have loads of fun while dancing to your favorite song. Put on your boogie shoes, and don’t stop dancing! 

6.  Outdoor Activities!


If it’s a gorgeous day out, don’t coop yourself in a gym… take the activities outside! Swim a couple laps in the pool instead of just laying out in the sun for a tan. Run on the beach instead of on a treadmill. Go on a hike with some friends or bike along the coastline of Orange County beaches. The options for staying active outside are endless!

Now if you absolutely do not want to leave your room…

Pop in a workout DVD and have your own workout in the comfort of your home. There’s no fuss in dressing up in “cute gym clothes” or having to worry about other people watching you workout.

Hopefully some of these suggestions sparked a bit of motivation to stay physically active without having to drag your self to your usual gym workout.  Have any suggestions for non-gym workouts? Feel free to leave a comment below.