Oh such sweet feelings 

Can it be, 

That I have fallen in love with me? 


Uplifted energies 

And thoughts so clear 

Who knew loving myself was the cure. 


To change the way 

I talked to me. 

Would break those chains 

And set me free. 


'Cause the outside world 

Can be a mere reflection 

Of unhealthy patterns 

Set in repetition. 


But to change paths, 

To change direction, 

One needs to change their 



Because when we tell ourselves

That we are this or that, 

What is our self-talk 

Becomes our self-facts. 


And the world is filled with

People too hard on themselves.

Creating bad relationships

And not seeking self-help. 


But when the tide turns, 

And they choose the brighter side

There is no more insecurity,

No more fear inside.


And what you gain, 

Is more valued than gold. 

It’s worth more than money,

It can’t be sold. 


And the wealth you now have,

It cannot be measured. 

Happiness and peace 

Become your sacred treasures. 


'Cause we all deserve 

To be kind to ourselves. 

But you must take the first step,

And be kind to yourself.