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headphones next to a guitar
Her Campus at Leeds Spoken Word Post-Punk

Over the last few years, there has been an emergence of post-punk accompanied by spoken word poetry as vocals. Of course, this isn’t new – from Patti Smith to...

fall trees and road
Her Campus at RIT Memories With You.

Driving down route eighty-six Your window cracked like always Everything is lovely The trees have turned earlier here Than back home The colors are so vibrant The pines still...

pumpkins, candles, and skull
Her Campus at Wells Unnecessarily Complicated

Regret is 20 years of broken strings Unknotted pearls Trampled and split and sharp and bloody under bare feet Stained glass Under a crowbar and bleeding knuckles  In the...

person reading book in chair relaxing with ocean in the distance
Her Campus at Kutztown Alone, Survived By Morning

He leapt from dusty blinds upon the floor Chasing quiet echoes in the morning  Seen by sunlight filtered through the cracked door  His brother flittered yesterday at four So...