Thoughts You Only Have When Applying to Grad School

Applying to grad school is a unique beast of a process. Between recommendations, letters of intent, resumes, and funding applications, it’s like applying for a mortgage, a job and a driver’s license all in one. With this process comes a few thoughts that you’ll immediately recognize if you’ve done it – and be warned if you’re thinking about it!

1. Wait – what did I want to spend the next two to five years of my life studying again? How do I say that in 20 words including citations?

This one comes as you attempt to write your letter of intent, AKA distilling a 100 to 200 page thesis document into a one page pseudo-proposal. With full citations.

2. I swear, if THIS professor isn’t interested in my research on the psycho-sociological impacts of photoshopped images on neurotransmitter function in developing adolescent mice brains, I don’t know what I’ll do…

A lot of research-based grad school applications are ridiculously specific, mostly because you’re not going to have very much time to study a wider subject. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but can lead to some ridiculous titles and topics.

3. Why does the OUAC website appear to be designed to make me want to tear my hair out due to levels of pure frustration previously unknown to man?

Seriously – this website is TERRIBLE. Enough said – I went through this process already and I NEVER want to have to think about the OUAC website again.

4. It’s going to take HOW LONG to hear back?

Everything is submitted and you’re good to go – but the grad committee only meets once a quarter and you missed the last meeting by one day, so you might have to wait a while – on the edge of your seat, of course – to hear whether you got it.

5. HOLY $%#! I DID IT!

All of the frustrations and technical issues aside, finding out you’ve made it into grad school is, no doubt, one of the best feelings ever.

Seriously. Congratulations! Now get ready for the… adventures… that await you in higher-higher education!