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a man writing letters
Her Campus at ICU Japan 手紙のアート: 私の「古き良き時代」の回顧録

── 「古き良き時代」 人間味溢れるスローテンポな世界を懐古させる温かみと同時に、それは過ぎ去りし時代であるという虚無のという二面性が、このフレーズになんとも言えない魅力を与えているように感じる。老人が少年時代の素朴な平穏さを懐かしんで話す時や、...

Love letter with flowers
Her Campus at Kutztown Return to Sender

I’ve been trying to reach you for months. I sent you a dozen letters that went unanswered, forgotten and left behind. All the stamps I...

Flowers surrounding a sign which reads \'end violence against women\'
Her Campus at Leeds Letters From the 97%

At around 9pm on Wednesday 3rd of March, Sarah Everard left a friend’s house in Clapham, South London, to make her way back to her home in...