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Being in CHAARG on Tulane’s Campus

Started over seven years ago, CHAARG is a fitness organization dedicated to empowering college women to lead healthy lifestyles through exercise and community.  By “liberating girls from the elliptical,” CHAARG aims to form a positive perspective toward healthy eating and fun exercise. The organization has grown over the past few years, and has finally reached New Orleans.


This past year, CHAARG began a new chapter at Tulane, with over sixty members in its first semester. The group provides an opportunity to join other members in group exercise classes in the city. Think ClassPass but with other women you know. Going as a group eliminates a lot of the insecurities women face trying new exercises. For me, I am intimidated trying a new type of exercise. I always think that I will have the wrong form or I wouldn’t know how to use the equipment. Going to Rimon for the first time to try cycling or PureBarre for a great barre workout are activities I would never try had I not joined CHAARG. Committing every week to exercise with other girls holds me accountable to achieve my fitness goals and gets me excited to try new workouts. Usually, the studios offer steep discounts to CHAARG girls to incentivize us to come back if we liked going to the studio (who could say no?). 

Another facet of CHAARG’s values is fostering community with other college women outside of just working out. As a result, Tulane’s chapter has created small groups to discuss what is happening in our lives outside of our fitness journeys. So far, my small group has gone out for coffee and tried the new açaí bowls at Rollin’ Bowlin’. In this way, CHAARG emphasizes getting to know other women outside of fitness classes. Tulane’s chapter also creates fun events like a Mamma Mia movie night to help connect girls within the chapter. 

CHAARG Social Event at The Fly

You’re probably wondering, is it worth the money? A semester’s access to CHAARG’s resources at Tulane costs $45 for access to around 12 classes per semester. CHAARG also covers the costs of transportation to and from workout sessions. 

A comparable option is ClassPass’s option of $9 per month (or $36-$45 per semester). This membership package gives you access to one class per month, or four or five classes per semester. While ClassPass is a great supplement to try new classes, if you want group support and more classes, CHAARG is the way to go. 


For more classes, a strong community, and a multitude of resources to lead a healthy lifestyle, CHAARG offers a better deal financially. The organization provides a great way to explore New Orleans in a new way, through its many boutique studies and recommendations of other locations to get fit from other women. Tulane’s chapter is a great group of women wanting to empower each other and create friends with like-minded goals. 


So, throw the bolt and let me know what you think when you try out CHAARG at Tulane.

Hannah Ellis

Tulane '22

Tulane Junior majoring in Latin American Studies and Finance.
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