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Midterms have come and gone.  But grind time is not over–far from it.  And sometimes, while we’re hyper focused on school, we allow our mental health to fall through the cracks.  So here are five tips and tricks on how to improve your mental health:

1. Breathing

If you’re feeling extra stressed and don’t have the time to step away from prior commitments, just take a single moment to breathe.  Breathing helps.

So next time you’re feeling extra anxious or stressed, try this:

Breathe: one, two, three, four.  Hold: one, two, three.  Release: one, two, three, four.

2. Make Time for Yourself

It’s time to stop stressing about tests and homework.  Instead, focus on taking care of yourself.  I like to think of the main three: self care, sleep, and watching some TV.  So, next time you have a break from school, spend some time relaxing.  Distract yourself with terrible TV, soak in the bathtub, exfoliate your face with a face mask–do whatever helps to make you happy and calm.  This is your time, for yourself.

3. Hang out with some friends

Sometimes, talking with others and getting out of your own head space can be exactly what you need to improve your mood.  I know it helps me.  So text your friends and make some plans; it’s time to socialize.

4. Exercise

The endorphin game is real; just thirty minutes of exercise can drastically increase your happiness.  So, go on a hot girl walk, play a game of pick up basketball, or take a trip to the Rec.  Anything that gets your body moving and blood pumping helps.

5. Enjoy the Morning

A nice slow morning can be a perfect reset for your head.  This slow morning can include taking a long shower, eating a comforting breakfast, and cleaning.  The shower is a must and cannot be skipped.  The breakfast can include a bowl of sugary cereal, fresh baked muffins, or scrambled eggs and toast.  As long as it reminds you of a happy moment in your childhood, it is allowed.  And for cleaning, that may vary, depending on how much energy you have.  You could opt to clean your entire space top to bottom–maybe even rearrange some things for a ‘fresh start.’  Or you could simply wash a load of laundry. The main goal is to have clean, warm sheets to snuggle into at night.

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