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Meditation: Should I Be Practicing Mindfulness?

Meditation has created a resurgence in society in the last couple of years as yoga, mindfulness and overall healthy lifestyles have become “on trend”. Meditation is a practice that trains the mind and requires deep concentration. But, don’t let this scare you. Meditation practices or tips for leading a more mindful life have become streamlined and easily obtainable. The following tips are designed to help young people enter the world of meditation with ease! 


  1. Headspace. Headspace is a user-friendly app that allows for guided meditation for all levels. There is a free trial for beginners. Guided meditations vary in a range of different concentrations like anxiety, running and sleep. 

  2. Spotify. Spotify has an entire genre of podcasts dedicated to meditation. Sam Harris is a popular name for all things health and mindfulness as an outcome of meditation. Also, “Mind Massage” is a very straight forward guided meditation podcast that includes several short episodes. 

  3. Youtube. YouTube offers a wide range of channels for guided meditation. A simple search will offer you pages of guided tapes ranging in voice, occasion, and focus. 

  4. Mediation Space: be flexible! This entry to the meditation world can be powered by various mediums using your phone. This allows for full mobility meaning a quick mediation session can be done almost anywhere when you have access to these resources. For example in your car, a park bench, on a weekend away or as you take a nature walk. Look out for small opportunities to strengthen your mind-body relationship on the go! 






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