My 7 Tips for Dealing With Anxiety

Keeping up with your mental health as a college student is harder than a lot of people realize. As someone who struggles with anxiety, dealing with the pressures of school, career planning, finances, and social life can be very overwhelming. I’m not sure if it’s because Mercury is in retrograde right now or if I was just due for a bad week, but I have not been in the best mood these past few days. A lot of it has to deal with me worrying about things that I cannot control, which is common in people who are over thinkers like I am. So I’m going to share with you my seven tips on dealing with anxiety. This can apply to everyone experiences these feelings, not just those who have been officially diagnosed with anxiety by a therapist or mental health professional. 


Tip #1: Practicing basic yoga and meditation techniques. 

My yoga teacher taught me it’s very important to monitor your breathing and take deep breaths in and out whenever you’re feeling stressed. This also helps me through anxiety/panic attacks. 


Tip #2: Spending time with nature. 

It’s getting pretty cold out now, but for when the weather is better, taking a walk around campus or sitting outside for a little bit of time can relax your nerves.


Tip #3: Prayer.

If you happen to be religious, this tip can apply to you. Praying for me and spending time with God always helps relieve any anxieties that I have.


Tip #4: Counseling.

It’s always helpful to utilize the campus counseling services provided for us. If you’re not comfortable going though, a friend or family member who gives you good advice can work just as well! Find your person and talk to them about what’s worrying you, but ensure they’re in the right headspace to talk to you about these problems first. (Shoutout to Ayana who happens to be my person :)


Tip #5: Crying + Sleeping.

Sometimes I have to just cry myself to sleep to get through what is making me anxious. And that’s perfectly okay. We’re so used to being told to find other ways than cry to move past something, but oftentimes that cry is exactly what we need. 


Tip #6: Affirmations.

I write down affirmations as well as speak them to myself repeatedly through the day when I feel an anxiety attack coming on or have just recovered from one. I usually say “Everything is going to be okay” or “Just breathe” and try to calm myself down.


Tip#7: Listening to music.

Jhené Aiko’s Trigger Protection Mantra is my favorite song to listen to when I’m freaking out over something. She tells me over and over to “calm down” and “protect your energy” which are very important mantras for me.