Best Exercise Classes To Take At Pitt

It’s the Year of HealthyU at Pitt! That means the school is putting an extra emphasis on financials, academics, mental and physical health and your overall well-being. Contemplating taking an exercise class next semester to get into shape? HC Pitt has got you covered! 

Kettle Bell and Conditioning!

“This class is designed to provide the student with a total body strength and cardiovascular workout utilizing kettle bell equipment and various strength conditioning techniques. Emphasis is on circuit style or continuous training with the goal of progressively increasing the intensity and difficulty of the workout throughout the semester.”

-Caroline H.


Zumba Toning

“Zumba toning is an awesome class, offered through HealthyU, that makes Zumba a little more intense! It's Zumba with hand weights, usually between 2 and 5 lbs (per hand), and it really picks up the caliber of the workout and gives you nice arms by the end!”

-Casey S


On The Ball

“Every single workout incorporates those big exercise balls you sit on (lol what're they called), and the workouts themselves varied from HIIT, to circuit training, to step, to Zumba to Pilates. Really diverse”

-Casey S.


Aerobic Fitness Boxing

I took this class last fall and absolutely fell in love with this high intensity workout. It was tough, but I felt like I was physically and mentally getting stronger each week, and I learned how to defend myself living in a city! Curtis is a fantastic instructor who knows what he is talking about and his assistants pay attention and seem interested on helping you succeed.

Personal Defense 1

I took this class directly after finishing Aerobic Fitness Boxing and felt like everything I was learning was perfectly applicable to real life situations. You get a good workout, but also learn how to use pepper spray, disarm someone who has a knife,  react if someone has a gun, and how you should act walking around in Oakland. I actually wrote an article about more tips here, from this class!

Whether you like to work out to stay in shape, do it for mental health (or  both), I suggest looking into one or any of the physical education classes offered at Pitt. I felt like, personally, taking a PEDC class through Pitt held me accountable. If I didn’t go to class and put an effort into exercising, then I didn’t get an A. Have any more class recommendations? Let us know!


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