6 Misconceptions About Women’s Fitness That Could Change Your Perspective on Influencers

Over the past few months, I have been unfollowing unrealistic Instagram accounts, and instead following Instagrammers who are uplifting, educational and truthful. Since making this change, I have realized some misconceptions I would like to share. After rewiring my brain and getting rid of toxic ideas surrounding fitness, I have been happier and healthier than ever before.

  1. 1. You can target fat loss.

    woman exercising indoors

    Wrong! Fat loss cannot be targeted. Be careful who you take fitness advice from! Chloe Ting claims that through doing her workouts, you can achieve an hourglass figure in two weeks and that you can burn belly fat. In reality, Chloe Ting is using her large number of followers to give incorrect nutritional advice. Fat loss comes from being in a calorie deficit, and that is the only way to lose weight. Where the weight comes off first depends on a lot of factors, like genetics.

  2. 2. Carbs are bad.

    Wrong! I could not think of a more incorrect statement. The keto diet, which is a low-carb diet, was actually created for epilepsy patients. I cannot think of a single reason you should eat keto, unless you have seizures. Carbs are essential to give your body glucose, which is its main source of energy. Carbs are also a good source of nutrients your body needs, like vitamins and minerals. You should try to reach a carb goal each day, and I promise they are good for you. Again, be careful who you take health advice from. Social media influencers are NOT healthcare providers.

  3. 3. Eating at night is bad.

    This is a huge myth. If you are hungry, listen to your body. The time of day you consume food does not matter. What matters is how active you are and what you are putting into your body. Stop punishing yourself based off of what the Kardashians are doing and start listening to the facts.

  4. 4. 1000 calories is enough.

    Actually, if you Google how many calories a three-year old should eat, 1000 calories comes up. Girl, that is not enough for you! I have seen so many girls on Instagram talking about their 1000 calorie diets, and I know it is not helping them. When you starve your body, it holds on to fat. So, even if you are trying to lose weight, eating 1000 calories is not the way to do it. This low amount of food is only detrimental to your health. Remember, the scale can be a tool, but it does not calculate your worth. Think of other ways to measure your progress if you have been working out and eating healthier: more energy, more strength, more confidence and less anxiety seem like great measures to me.

  5. 5. Waist trainers and tummy teas work.

    No! They are scams. All a waist trainer is going to do is make it difficult for you to breathe, as well as cause other health problems. It is very sad to me that women are marketing what is basically a dangerous corset to other women. And, if you have ever heard of a tummy tea, run away from whatever company is trying to sell it. There is no true scientific evidence behind these teas. There is scientific evidence, however, behind eating real food and being active. Do not let yourself conform to these expectations. Your body and your worth are so much more.

  6. 6. Weightlifting will make you look like a man.

    Woman deadlifting

    Unless you have testosterone, you are NOT going to look like a man! Work out to be strong, not skinny. Embrace your body, and do not be afraid of muscle. Think of all the things you can do with a little extra strength.

If you need to unfollow influencers, unfollow them. Find new accounts that spark joy and spread truth. If you think negatively about yourself when you see a post, it is probably time to stop looking at that account. You should feel inspired and your confidence should be boosted by every account on your feed. Eat when you’re hungry, eat foods that make you happy and do workouts you enjoy. Stay active for your mental health as well as your physical health, and not just for your appearance.