5 Ways to Stay Active & Keep Motivation Through the Fall & Winter

Getting to the gym is hard enough, let alone forcing yourself to walk there in the freezing cold and darkness. Try out some of these tips to help you stay motivated to get in a good sweat-sesh ….and then cuddle up with blankets and Netflix after.

1.  Sign Up for a Fitness Club // Rec Center Class // Local Gym

Nothing will motivate you more to get to the gym than spending money on a class membership. There are so many different classes to choose from including yoga, Zumba, cycling and kickboxing. The best part is local gyms // studios usually offer student discounts for classes, so be sure to ask!

 One fitness club here at Pitt (and 51 chapters nationally) is CHAARG, a women’s health & wellness organization. There are over 250 members in the Pitt chapter, and over 7,000 members nationally. Each week you have a studio spotlight, which brings local studios to teach (anything from Zumba to kickboxing to chair dancing), one smaller group workout and social events throughout the semester. It’s easy to stay motivated when you have so many people supporting you!

2. Add a Fitness Class to your Class Schedule

 Having to workout for class credit can be a great motivator. There are different options of classes to take ranging from personal training to “party dance” classes (seriously, that’s a class at Pitt). You’re bound to find something you like & it’ll be a good GPA boost!

3. Bring Your Workout Gear to Class with You

 Athleisure is a go-to style, making it easier than ever to wear your workout gear to class. Nobody has to know that you’re actually going to work out in your lululemon pants ;) If you go straight to the gym, you won’t be tempted to just crawl into bed after class. Don’t forget to pack a snack to eat during class to fuel up for your workout.

4. Go to the Gym in the Morning

 It may get dark at 5 PM, but it’ll be light out by 7 AM! Lay out all of your clothes the night before because nothing is worse than waking up and spending 20+ minutes trying to find an outfit to wear.

5. Go to the Gym with a Friend

Working out is SO much more fun with a friend. Not only will you know if you skip out on a workout, but your friend will know too, and they WILL not let you forget it.

The cold and dark weather is only an excuse to skip out on your workouts. By staying motivated and planning ahead, you’ll be able to make time to head to the gym and give no excuses.  

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