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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

As I rang in the new year, a resolution of mine was to exercise more. With that being said, I love finding cute and trendy workout spots that keep me excited to workout. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to go to the gym for a dreadful 45 minutes, but spending that time in a fun group class can make the experience significantly better.

After trying a bunch of workout studios and classes in Columbus, I have found some really great places to utilize. Sometimes the hardest part about exercising is just getting up and going to the class itself, but these local studios had me ready to work my body and I am so eager to go back to each of them.

Grab a buddy, put on your newest workout set and try out one of these classes that I love! Here are my three favorites:

1. Cycle614

Cycle614 is definitely my new favorite local cycle studio! Upon arrival, you are warmly welcomed by the staff and are immediately given a place to store your coat, bag or anything else you may not want to bring into the class. You then grab the weights you feel most comfortable using for the arms portion of the workout and find your way to your bike.

Something I personally love about this studio is that the lights are off but the room is illuminated by LED lights and a disco ball. This addition makes the class so fun and colorful.

The instructor plays a variety of popular songs throughout the class to keep everyone pumped up.

The class I specifically went to is called the Cycle614 Signature Ride, and I would say it is perfect for anyone ranging from beginner to advanced in cycling. During the class, your bike number is displayed on a TV screen to anonymously show your statistics throughout the ride, keeping you motivated to ride your best.

I love every ride I’ve been to at Cycle614 and am always excited to go back. I get a great cardio workout in, while also having so much fun. I would highly recommend this studio to any lover of music, motion and motivation!

2. Rewild Yoga

When I imagine the perfect yoga class, I think of recharging, stretching and working on my mind all at once. Rewild Yoga is exactly that. Located in Grandview, about a ten minute drive from campus, Rewild is a cute and trendy place for a perfect workout.

When you enter the studio, you leave your cell-phone in a locker and step into the heat-filled room. You begin the class by focusing your attention on your breathing. Something that stuck with me throughout the class was the teacher telling us that our breaths working in unison sounded like waves in the ocean.

This immediately brought peace to my mind.

The class goes by quickly, as you get into a very fast-paced cycle of downward facing dog, upward facing dog and many other classic poses. The heat in the room caused me to sweat almost immediately, feeling as if my body was getting rid of any toxins it had in it.

For me, as a beginner, it has always been hard to enjoy yoga, but this class has truly changed my mind and I am so excited to go back. I felt very comfortable throughout the class and enjoyed every moment. It was the perfect mix of a hard workout and a peaceful stretch. This class is challenging, yet rewarding.

Rewild is, without a doubt, my new favorite yoga studio in Columbus! 

3. Title Boxing club

Do you need a workout that is therapeutic, while also a great sweat?

If yes, Title Boxing Club is definitely the place for you! Title Boxing is a boxing workout class in which you go through different cycles of small warm-ups and then have an intense punching bag session. Since I don’t work on my arms enough, I really like that this is a workout class that focuses on building arm muscle strength.

At Title, I can get any stress off my mind, as if I’m punching my stress away! I never thought that going to a workout class like this would help my stress and mental health, but a single session of this class greatly improved my mental and physical well-being.

Not only will this class relieve your stress, but it is also a really fun class to do with friends!

For beginners like me, they offer gloves that you can rent if you don’t already have your own. I also loved that I could stand in the back by myself, since I wasn’t quite sure if I would catch on right away.

If you’re looking for a fun, stress-relieving and challenging workout, I would definitely consider this class. I did the Boxing 45 class, but there are many other options to choose from. I think that boxing is a fun and unique workout experience and I leave every class feeling positive and revived!

I really believe that part of the fun in working out is finding local studios that keep my energy positive and challenge me to stay motivated to become the best version of myself. I left these studios feeling replenished and eager to try the next class. Cycle 614, Rewild Yoga and Title Boxing Club have all given me a comfortable beginner-friendly place to workout and achieve my goals.

Over the past few years, I have gained a love for working out. I hope you can too by trying at least one of these amazing classes!

Katriel Orlean is an intern for the National Writing Program at Her Campus as well as the Instagram and Facebook editor at her Her Campus's Ohio State University chapter. She creates graphics for her chapter's Instagram and Facebook, posts new articles on both social medias, and helps to recruit members through Instagram. During her time as a writer for the NWP, she writes evergreen articles as well as articles that are news based. She writes about five to six articles per month for this program. Beyond Her Campus, Katriel is an intern for Spoon University where she writes 8-10 articles per month. These articles are sometimes evergreen but mostly they are based on timely news in the food world. She is currently a senior at The Ohio State University, majoring in Communications Analysis & Engagement. In her free time, Katriel loves to travel, workout, play tennis and pickle ball, and hang out with family and friends. She is a buckeye through and through and loves to exude all of her school spirit at the Ohio State football games. She loves to write, especially for HC!