Want To Revamp Your Wellness Routine? This Club Is For You!

Who is Allison Huffman and What is the Health and Fitness Club?

Allison Huffman is the current president of the Health and Fitness Club (HFC). She, along with the other club officers, run meetings every other Monday night at 7 PM in Duncan Student Center. Each meeting focuses on a different health or fitness topic, presented by a member of the executive board, and features delicious, healthy snack options from Whole Foods Market. Regardless of your fitness and activity level, there’s a place in HFC for you! 

In addition to their meetings, Allison also organizes different activities for club members (including free workout classes and a trip to Sky Zone last year) and coordinates the club’s newsletter. Personally, the newsletter is my favorite part of being a club member because it is packed with health tips, easy-to-make recipes and song suggestions for your next workout. Even if you never make it to a meeting, you will get so much from just reading the newsletter every week. Lastly, the club officers and Allison offer individual consultations for club members who want help with diet advice, exercise plan guidance or just have questions about their health and fitness journey. This is a great way for girls who are new to fitness or looking to explore something new to get knowledgeable advice in a one-on-one, judgement-free environment!

I asked Allison a few questions about health and fitness to learn more about her journey and HFC. Check out her responses below and if you’re interested in joining HFC or want to learn more, email her at [email protected] or follow @hfcnd on Instagram!

What is Health and Fitness Club's mission and why should we join?

The mission of the club is to promote sustainable health and fitness practices to the Notre Dame community. We do this through informational meetings and our weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains healthy recipes, fun workouts and fitness tips. Everyone should join because it is beneficial for any age and fitness level!

Why is health and fitness an important topic for college girls to know about and get involved in?

Health and fitness is important for everyone! However, it is in college that people start determining lifelong habits. Therefore, it is essential that college students learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle now. I think that college-aged girls are also more susceptible to unhealthy practices that are not sustainable. HFC strives to support fitness goals while also promoting healthy and balanced living. 

What is one area of health and fitness that you are particularly passionate about and why?

I am passionate about incorporating mental health topics in our club's agenda. I think that this is something everyone can improve, especially in college. It is also something that is not discussed often and HFC is a great context to discuss how to promote mental wellness. 

What are your best health and fitness tips for busy college students?

Schedule in time for exercise. Even if it is just 15-20 minutes of walking, it really makes you feel better. If you make time for it while you plan your day, you are more likely to actually do it than when you wait for a spare moment to come up. I also think finding what works for you is really important. People tend to think that there is one right way to be healthy and fit, but that is not true. Everyone is different, so one person's workout plan or food choices will be completely different from someone else's. 

Favorite healthy snacks? Workout?

I love popcorn or trail mix for snacks. I also love to bake so I like to make "healthier" desserts with less sugar. My favorite workouts are normally HIIT or running. 

What's one athletic brand you love right now?

I really like GapFit. I think it is affordable but cute and lasts a long time. 


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