How Not to Catch a Cold This Winter

If you go to college, you know that once the first snow hits, it’s cold and flu season. It is very hard to not get sick during the winter on a college campus— especially if you live in the dorms. Here are my tips on how to stay healthy and avoid a cold this season!

  1. 1. Sleep

    Now, I am not saying that if you get lots of sleep that you won't get sick, but it’s a start to staying healthy. A lack of sleep weakens your immune system which makes you more susceptible to bacteria. I know that sleeping is practically impossible in college but even getting six or seven hours is better than the four to five we usually get!

  2. 2. Drink fluids

    Fluids that are very beneficial to combating colds are water, tea, orange juice, and ginger ale. These liquids keep you hydrated and are healthy, which helps to strengthen your immune systems.

  3. 3. Avoid alcohol/going out

    While going out is fun, if you’re under the weather, staying in may be a better plan. A lack of sleep mixed with alcohol can weaken your immune system. Going out causes you to lose out on sleeping, so stay and in rest!

  4. 4. Wash your hands

    I can not stress this one enough!!! Washing your hands is so important. Don’t go touching things, like those CATA bus poles, then eat or touch your face because that is asking to catch a cold. It takes time but it kills bacteria which keeps you healthy.

  5. 5. Take Vitamin C

    You can buy Vitamin C tablets at Meijer, Walgreens, or any store that sells vitamins/over-the-counter drugs. Vitamin C is highly concentrated in your immune cells, so if you’re lacking the vitamin then you are much more likely to get sick.

  6. 6. Get the flu vaccine

    I know the whole controversy about vaccines, and if you are truly against them, I cannot change your mind. But, they do help to fight off infections and keep healthy during the dreadful flu season. Lots of college students don’t get them because they think it’s not important or they don’t have time but it is probably the most effective at keeping you healthy.

There are more ways to stay healthy this season than the ones here, but these are the simplest for the busy college student. Flu season can get scary with people afraid to go to class because they might catch a bug, but follow these tips and you’ll be just fine! If you do get really sick and need some actual medical attention, familiarize yourself with the health centers on campus and they will make sure you get healthy in no time!