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Ditch The Treadmill and Try These Cardio Alternatives Instead

As someone who has forever dreaded the treadmill, I look for new workouts that hopefully do not leave me staring at the clock. If you are anything like me and hate the treadmill then keep reading to learn about my top three treadmill free, cardio options.


Zumba combines dancing styles and upbeat music to form a fun aerobic workout with active rest breaks. Most gyms offer Zumba courses or you can access Zumba videos through Youtube and dance along with trained instructors in the comfort of your home. Zumba is one of my favorite activities as it never fails to instantly improve my mood and encourage me to try different dancing styles!

Walking Outdoors

You do not have to lose your breath and sweat gallons for your workout to count. In fact, a workout can be anything you want it to be, even walking, as long as you are moving your body. As the weather begins to warm up, going on walks is a great way to exercise your body while admiring the fresh air and nature.

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Another creative way to get outdoors and exercise is biking. Bike riding is something you can do alone, with company and wherever you want! The best part about biking is that you control the speed and distance.

These are just a couple of my favorite activities that help me keep my body moving while enjoying the workout itself. There is no need to waste time on boring, traditional exercises when there are many other options available!

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