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5 Ways to Reduce Stress During Midterms


As we begin to approach one of the busiest weeks of the semester apart from finals, it is important to take time for yourself and manage stress stemming from your course load. If you do not find ways to cope with stress, busy weeks like these will always seem impossible and unmanageable. Here are five ways to keep calm during midterms:

Get outdoors

Being outside is one of the most calming things you can do. Make an effort to get at least 30 minutes outside each day. While this can seem daunting with so many things to get done, it will help your productivity in the long run. This can be as simple as walking to class and noticing your surroundings as you walk. If possible, try getting to a park or trails to help clear your mind with nature.

Disconnect from technology

It is easy to get overwhelmed while scrolling through emails or seeing all of the things you need to get done in a short amount of time. The technology that surrounds our lives adds loads to our stress levels—  especially cell phones. When you need to be focused on studying or an assignment, put your phone away and set a time limit to focus without distractions. 

Stretch or try yoga

When you have a lot going on, your mind always seems to be racing. By taking some time to sit still and move slowly, it allows your mind to do the same. During a time when your mind is moving non-stop, it is important to give your mind a break— or else you can quickly become overworked.

Go to the gym

With all this added stress, there is a lot of built-up tension throughout your body. By working out, you give yourself a chance to release that tension— and also working out just makes you feel good. Getting a good sweat in is an amazing way to reduce tension, as well as boost your confidence.

Hang out with friends

Even though your week may be super busy, remember, so are all of your friends! Set time aside to do something completely unrelated to schoolwork. Friends are a great way to get your mind off of the loads of things you need to get done. It also helps your friends get their minds off of their stress as well. Some fun ideas could be going to dinner, having a movie night, or doing crafts!

In order to stay successful in school, you must learn to manage your stress. Use these tips to help keep you calm when things get busy.

I am a junior at Michigan State University. I am interested in fitness, beauty, fashion, and crafts.
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