Exercising for Girls Who Hate Exercising

A new year usually means a long list of resolutions. And there’s always that one resolution that we write down at the very top of our list, but we never manage to keep. And for most of us, (or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know) it’s living a healthier lifestyle, or getting in more exercise. But the problem most of the time is that we might not be the biggest fans of exercise… In fact, I can’t tolerate it at all. But after standing on the scale last year, I realized that it was time for a change. I still couldn’t get over the fact that I hate exercising, though. So I barely managed to come up with a routine that even I am content with but I did get together these three tips that helped me. Here are three exercise tips for girls who hate exercising!

1. Deep Breathing. Yeah, I’m being serious. Deep breathing is actually very good for your health and has many benefits. Not only does it relieve emotional problems, but it also assists in weight control. According to One Powerful Word, the extra oxygen when we breathe burns the fat more efficiently for those of us who feel that we’re overweight. For those who are underweight, the extra oxygen feeds the tissues and glands that are still hungry.

2. Stretching. People usually stretch before they exercise. All throughout my years of public schooling, my physical education teachers would have us stretch before we proceeded with the day's activities. Stretching is actually really helpful because it stretches and works our muscles so that we don't injure ourselves. If I'm working out outside, I'll stretch with moves like jumping jacks and mountain climbers, but if I'm indoors, I usually make an attempt at squats and basic stretches.

3. Going for walks. Surprisingly, this is actually my favorite. I enjoy taking long walks around the park near my house and taking in the fresh air. There really isn't any explanation to this. Dress appropriately, and go for a walk, anywhere. Not only is it good exercise, but it helps us to refocus during study breaks. I usually walk to the library or the grocery store near my house.

So those were my tips for those of us who hate exercising. But something we need to remember is that exercise isn’t the only thing that we need to do to live a healthier lifestyle. It also includes making better eating choices and having a balanced sleep schedule, as well as other things. I hope 2018 is the year that we can fulfill all of our resolutions. Let’s do this!


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