• 13 Dog Themed Products for the Year of the Dog

    This is going to be the best year yet for one reason and one reason only. It’s the Year of the Dog!!!!!!! Here are some products to get if you’re just as excited as I am about this amazing year.

  • Reagan Heck: Pro-Israel Activist

    My roomie, Reagan Heck, is the VP of marketing for the “Students For Israel at Miami” group on campus, a Gamma Phi Beta sorority member, Active Minds participant, and StandWithUs Emerson fellow. Additionally, Reagan is returning to Israel this summer to intern with a Tel Aviv company called “Windows”. She will be advocating for peace through the practice of advertising and creative thinking. I know - what an AMAZING gal. Enjoy learning about her upcoming trip!

  • 10 Pinterest Quotes to Inspire You

    It's that time in the semester when I start to lose motivation and start procrastinating. But, thank you to Pinterest, I have found motivation to increase my productivity and creativity.

  • So Your Hair Looks Terrible

    You know the days. The days when you wake up and your hair just straight up refuses to do what you want it to. When no matter how much dry shampoo you use or half-assed curling you try it still looks like a rat’s nest. Here are some ways to cure your bad hair day.

  • NYFW Trends

    New York Fashion Week. The time models, designers, bloggers, celebrities, makeup artists, hair stylists and so many come together to celebrate the art of fashion. While I did not attend any of the shows, many can be live streamed and the looks can be found on social media. Some of the looks were incredibly bold, but here are some the trends I found on the runways for this fall.

  • Fun Ways to Spend Galentine's Day with Your Friends

    Galentine’s Day is the day for female friendship, which (in our opinions) is the most important kind. It originated from the popular hit show Parks and Recreation . The main character, Leslie Knope, holds an annual brunch with all her closest girlfriends on the thirteenth of February to exchange presents and celebrate each other. Here are some suggestions on how you can spend your Galentine’s Day.

  • A Partner Assignment: How it Opened My Eyes

    Last week, in my ART 255 (digital imaging) class, the professor assigned everyone a random partner to interview and take photos of. I was paired up with an international student - which honestly seemed nerve-wracking at first. I’m from a small town that encompasses limited diversity, so this project definitely introduced a fresh challenge.

  • How to De-stress in College

    College can be an extremely stressful time - especially second semesters. It’s important to not only take care of yourself physically but mentally as well. Taking care of yourself can be anything that makes you feel good, from face masks to working out to having a detailed planner. Here are some of my favorite ways to relax when life gets to be too much!

  • Why You Should be Paying Attention to the Times Up Movement

    The Times Up movement was announced early this year in response to the many brave individuals who came forward with their sexual assault and harassment stories that happened within the entertainment industry. 300 plus women in the entertainment industry are banning together to take a stand and invoke change within Hollywood. In this movement the women of Hollywood are partnering up with Alianza Nacional de Campesinas (the National Farmworker Women’s Allegiance) to stand in solidarity to protect women in all industries.

  • Why Rey from Star Wars Is Queen

    From the day I was born, my family instilled on me their passion for Star Wars . I always looked up to Princess Leia (RIP Carrie Fisher), so when the eighth episode, “The Force Awakens,” came out, I was ecstatic to see Rey, the protagonist, be a badass Jedi. Here are some reasons that Rey is a boss lady in the new Star Wars trilogy.

  • My Thoughts on A Few Fad Diets

    Between Miley Cyrus maintaining a vegan diet and Gwyneth Paltrow’s extended list of cleanses, there is no magic formula to being healthy. Eating healthy in college can be extremely difficult, but I’ve tried my fair share of changing my eating habits and here are my thoughts.

  • Feminist Resolutions for the New Year

    1. Say "no" more. It isn't selfish to turn someone down if you aren't really interested. It isn't selfish to spend a night by yourself. It isn't selfish to not text back if it isn't a productive conversation. Women can often feel pressured to please others and appear calm and approachable. Try putting yourself first.

  • Rush Tips

    At Miami, greek life is huge. Four sororities/fraternities were founded at Miami University. Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi, Beta Theta Pi, and Delta Zeta helped give Miami it's nickname "The Mother of Fraternities". So, at times it can feel like there isn't a world outside of being greek.

  • 5 Dresses You Need for New Year’s Eve

    While we have Christmas on our mind, we cannot forget about New Year’s Eve. It is just a quick 6 days after Christmas. So, while you are ordering your Christmas gifts, check out these five dresses to wear out on New Year’s.

  • The Best Editing Apps for Your Instagram Photos

    As a photographer, I usually use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos that I take with my camera. However, when I use my phone, there are some GREAT apps that can give you a similar look to professional photos. Here is a list of some of my favorite apps.

  • Our Favorite Christmas Songs/Movies

    As we are finishing up finals and preparing for our winter breaks, we all wrote up our favorite Christmas song or movie. Get to know Her Campus Miami (OH) and see what we are watching/listening to this time of year.

  • What I Want For Christmas

    Let’s just all pretend this isn’t my way of scamming the HerCampus system to figure out what I want this year for Christmas. Let’s also pretend I’m not going to copy and paste this and send it to my parents. So remember, this article is only for all you ladies out there to give you some inspiration for what to ask for this year! *wink wink nod nod*

  • How to Get Rid of That Exam Exhaustion

    After a week or two of about four hours of sleep and about four caffeinated drinks each day, you probably need to relax and get back on track. Here are a few simple tips to restore mental and physical health after finals.

  • 10 Trees to Make You Feel Jolly

    Christmas trees are a staple holiday decoration. You see those green pointy needles with lights strung around and a glittery star on top and you just know it is Christmas, So I figured what better way to feel festive (and procrastinate from your upcoming finals) than to look at some beautifully lit up trees!

  • Fun Things to Do This Holiday Season

    Every holiday season, I love to get into the Christmas spirit by doing fun winter activities. There are so many special events, especially on college campuses, that are tons of fun for you and your friends. Whether you stay in or go out, there is plenty to do this Christmas season to get you and your friends in the festive spirit.

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