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Like many Miami students, I have mixed opinions on Wellness Days. Getting a random Tuesday or Wednesday off every three weeks doesn’t come close to spring break, especially because Oxford doesn’t quite provide the same ambiance as the beach. However, I understand that this alternative is the responsible thing to do, and it’s definitely better than not having a break at all. Here are some of my recommendations to spice up your next wellness day. 


Put away the school work

Adjusting to days off in the middle of the week can be a little disorienting, but it’s so important to actually use these days and take time for yourself. I spent my first wellness day doing homework and applying for internships because I thought I was too busy to take a break. Mid-semester burnout is too real right now, and I wish I would’ve taken time to recharge when I had the chance. If you have a heavy workload, try planning ahead and tackling the assignments before wellness day. Trust me, your mental health will thank you later! 


Spend time outside 

We’ve finally reached springtime in Ohio, which means that the weather is getting warmer and days are becoming longer. Be it running around campus, grabbing bubble tea uptown, or walking to Starbucks, leaving my apartment and getting some sun always lifts my mood. 



As someone who spends way too much time on TikTok, this one’s definitely easier said than done. But taking a break from social media, email, and news outlets for a few hours can work wonders for your mental health. Instead, I recommend picking up a book, journaling, or watching a movie. 


Try a new recipe 

I had a meal plan when I was an underclassman, so this is the first year that I’ve cooked for myself. Cooking and baking has become a huge stress reliever for me, and making food for other people is even more fun. Planning a socially-distanced potluck is a great way to experiment with a new recipe and hang out with friends. 


Regardless of how you spend this upcoming wellness day, make sure to take time to relax. You deserve it!


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