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It’s Millennial Mia: How to Keep Yourself Busy During COVID-19

In the midst of the coronavirus, it’s come to my attention that there have been many people with the same thought bubble: boredom, sadness and fear.  It’s understandable. Most of us are staying inside and left with nothing to do but study and clean which are the two things we don’t tend to do for fun.  However, I want to change the idea of the situation. I’ve learned through this time and through entrepreneurship is to take any setbacks in your life as an opportunity.  Here some of my tips to stay busy during the COVID-19:


Try a New Hobby

This is the perfect opportunity to do something that you’ve always wanted to make time for (inside friendly of course!).  Whether it’s knitting, reading that book you’re putting off, or writing it will keep you motivated while keeping a positive momentum going.


Keep a Steady Routine

It’s helpful to have a consistent time frame to stay balanced with any tasks and lifestyle.  I usually write at least a few goals I want to achieve and give myself a deadline to follow through.


Stay Active with a Home Workout

This not only helps boost energy, but it improves positivity by staying on task and reaching new goals.  There are a bunch of online programs and classes you can take to do at home workouts. I recommend going to POPSUGAR for video workouts or checking out Refinery29 to get some workouts ideas and apps to use. 


Talk to Friends and Family

Connection isn’t lost through this time.  Talking to someone is the best way to catch up, keep in touch and have good mojo.  Try to set up at least 2-3 video chats a week to have something to look forward to each week.


Take Care of Yourself

While you’re at home, it doesn’t mean letting yourself go.  It’s crucial to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, to essential nutrients in each meal and to keep a good hygiene schedule.


Attend Virtual Workshops

Many people and companies are doing virtual sessions to keep your mind engaged and to do something fun while staying inside.  Some recommendations I have for anyone wanting to attend virtual workshops are to checkout the Girlboss Rally, Her Campus Media (virtual graduation) and World Creativity & Innovation Week 2020.


Apply for Job Opportunities

While there is a shift in the job market, it shouldn’t stop you from applying to different jobs and internships.  I would look into remote locations and opportunities near you. There are tons of options on Chegg, Indeed, and Glass Door to check out different options.


Even though the COVID-19 isn’t exactly the most ideal situation for anyone, it’s what you can do during that time to stay connected to your friends and loved ones while pursuing different outlets. I hope these suggestions help. Please stay safe and healthy during this time!

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