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As disappointing as it is to hear, the leaves are changing and the days are cooling off- summer is over. If your summer went anything like mine did, you probably spent a lot of time at home (thanks coronavirus!) and did almost nothing that you had planned to do. Now that we are all moving into college again, the fear of being stuck inside with that roommate that never takes the trash out becomes a near future reality. No worries though, I’m here to give you some ideas to keep you from crossing that line of insanity. 

1.Get outside! 

Thankfully, the days aren’t too cold yet. Take this time to go for a walk around your town and explore! Find a new store/cafe/restaurant and take a peek inside- you might find your new favorite coffee stop, or a fun vintage store you haven’t noticed before. If that's not for you, try finding a hiking spot. Bring your camera and take pictures of the trees changing colors or your favorite view. Don’t be afraid to invite a friend or bring your dog too. Not only are you getting some vitamin D, but you’re also getting a nice workout in and it’s a better break from studying than scrolling through TikTok. 

2. Fall Picnic 

This is easily my favorite one. Although it might be cooler outside than the summer, having a fall picnic is a great excuse to put on some cute fall clothes, make some snack trays, and enjoy nature. Grab your roommates and a camera and make a photo shoot out of it for some fun fall Instagram posts too! 

3. Decorating 

There’s nothing that screams fall more than a crackling pumpkin spice candle from Bath and Body’s Works. Take a trip to the store (what a great excuse to get away from the roommates who are getting on your nerves) and take the day wandering around whatever stores you can find. Look for small pumpkin decorations to use as a centerpiece on your table, or a big fall scented candle to light while you’re making breakfast. To make your home look even more fall themed, try finding some big pillows for your couch and tossing in a chunky knit blanket to make the space cozy for those nights where you eat pumpkin spice anything on the couch. Make sure you incorporate those typical autumn colors- anything orange, red, and gold will really help you feel like you’re ready for the fall season. 

4. Get in the kitchen!

Growing up, my mom was always baking something during fall. Take a break from homework and give into that sweet tooth! Here are some recipes to look for and try during these months:

-Pumpkin cookies

Toss in chocolate chips or a glaze on top for a little twist. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try 

-Caramel apple pie 

Take your basic apple pie and add some caramel in the mix to really max out on the fall flavors. 


Although they might be a little more challenging, donuts are a staple for anything fall themed. Warm up some apple cider and you’ve got yourself the best fall midnight snack there is. 

If baking isn’t your thing, try cooking a new meal instead and incorporate fall inspired foods such as apple chicken sausage or making a crockpot dinner. 

5. Pumpkin carving 

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s the most quarantine friendly fall activity. All you need are pumpkins and some tools to cut them! Most grocery stores have pumpkins out now, or head down to a pumpkin patch to pick one out. Create a space outside, gather your roommates, play some music and carve away. This is a great way to relax and destress while also getting to know your roommates better. To make it even more interesting, try carving each other’s faces in the pumpkins and see how they turn out.


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