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Making Your Room a Greenhouse

I started my freshman year of college with one small succulent that I attempted to diligently take care of every single week. However, with the stress of school and my need to not miss an opportunity to go out, I tended to forget to water it. Surprisingly, it lived, and with my success of not killing a succulent, I went on to become obsessed with making my dorm room seem like the outdoors. I began my sophomore year with two plants, but two quickly became six, six became, eight, and eight became ten. They all line my windowsill, a little army that reminds me in the winter and bad weather that summer is going to come soon, and more importantly, that if I am able to keep these plants alive, I can also take care of myself. 


Owning plants showed me that self-care does not have to be a long drawn out process but can be as simple as quickly grabbing a snack. The presence of the plants in my dorm room began to take the form of my self-care, when I adjusted their positions to the sunlight I would take a break from my homework, when I watered them I would also drink water, and when it was cloudy outside I would still be surrounded by vibrant colors from their flowerings. 


Making your room a greenhouse definitely takes responsibility and awareness of how to take care of plants, however, not every plant takes a green thumb! Some can grow big and beautiful with little to no care besides sunlight and water like Spider Plants. Due to plants overwhelming benefits on my mood and perception of when I need to take a work break I suggest that everyone incorporate a little bit of the outdoors in their bedrooms.

Sarah Cucco

Miami (OH) '22

Hi, I'm Sarah. I am an English Literature and English Education Major!
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