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Working Out at the McGill Gym: As Told by GIFs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

You get to the gym ready to pump some iron with iPod in hand.

You head over to the treadmill but the only available one is in front of the TV playing curling and you’re like: 

You start jogging then try not to glance at the girl beside you, but you peak over and see that she looks like this:

Not letting that set you back, you immediately think to yourself…

After working up a sweat, you get off the elliptical feeling confident that you look like this:

But you really look like this:

You get bored of the treadmill and wonder what else you can do. The fit girls are always on the Stair Master. Maybe you’ll try that…

…or not.

You start using the hamstring curl machine and someone asks to switch in with you between sets and all you want to do is…

But you’re a nice person so you smile and say yes.

You then decide to do some strength training and walk over to the bench press area.  You’ve left the land of cardio and the air immediately fills with testosterone.

You take a look around and see a guy with arms the size of your thighs and you’re thinking…

Surrounded by sculpted physiques, you head over to the cable machines to work your arms and all you’re thinking is…

A perfect time to do some people watching.

You look over and someone is using the TRX while balancing one foot on a medicine ball and doing bicep curls at the same time and you’re like…

You then see a group of crossfitters and a girl cleans over 100 pounds and you’re thinking:

Feeling inspired, you try out one of their moves, but unfortunately this happens:

You’ve had enough and you go upstairs to stretch. You grab a mat. Maybe you’ll do some pilates, but all of a sudden you think:

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Katrina served as the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus McGill from 2013-2015.  With a love of writing, fashion, and fitness, she spent a lot of her time exploring Montréal to find great things around campus and in the city to share with the Her Campus readers. Twitter @KatrinaKairys.Awarded 1st place for "On Campus Publicity" for My Campus Chapter Awards 2014Awarded Her Campus "Gold Chapter Level" 2013Awarded Her Campus "Platinum Chapter Level" 2014