Bikini Bod 101: Let's Get Physical

L.A.’s loose interpretation of winter is soon coming to an end, although the recent gloomy weather seems to suggest otherwise. Days spent basking in the sun will become the norm and life will make sense again. While the spring and summer months in Southern California appear to be idyllic, the approaching “bikini season” adds even more pressure for everyone to fit the narrow molds of idealized body types.

Instagram fitness celeb Hannah Bronfman makes fitness fun.

With the constant presence of social media, it’s difficult to avoid comparison. Insecurities can easily obscure a body-positive mindset. However, beauty standards are being challenged by a small minority of those in the fashion industry and print media. Ashley Graham, size 12, is considered a plus-sized model in the industry and made history when she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a 2016 Rookie. Graham unveiled the cover on her Instagram and captioned it, “You can do and achieve anything you put your mind to.”

Personally, I find the focus on female beauty constructs to be extremely frustrating. I too am guilty of fixating on perceived flaws. When I let my insecurities get to the best of me, it is hard to concentrate on anything else. I have wasted so much time obsessing over superficial non-issues instead of doing something worthwhile. Outward beauty is a limiting pursuit. By striving to just be pretty, we discredit ourselves and fail to meet our full potentials. We forget that being independent, intelligent, generous, honest, funny, and forgiving attribute to a deeper beauty- one that surpasses physicality and fleeting trends.

It’s important to prioritize our emotional and physical health rather than achieving a narrow image or goal. Being fit means so much more than having chiseled abs and a booty to rival Kim K- it’s all about feeling good in your own skin! While I am perhaps the laziest person on the planet and therefore have zero authority to give fitness advice, I will admit that exercising helps me stay energized during the day and fall asleep faster at night. I don’t have a strict workout schedule because that eliminates the ensuing guilt after a skipped gym session. Truth be told, I hate the gym. (I have not activated my One Card this year and am not ashamed.)

So, here are some gymless workout ideas to get you moving and feeling great:

1.     Jump Rope! Although this is a playground staple, it can take the place of cardio. Don’t believe me? Just ask Adriana Lima.

2.     Go for a walk or a hike! Going for a stroll on the beach or finally doing the Hollywood hike is a great way to shake things up with your brunch crew. Or it’s the perfect opportunity to get some alone time and do some thinking.

3.     Download an app like Seven and squeeze a quick interval workout in wherever you are! You can customize your workout to target specific muscles or do one at random.

4.     Dance! In your room, in public, in a studio…

5.     Take a dip! Do some laps at the pool or in the ocean if you aren’t afraid of sharks like me.

No matter what, don’t let insecurities stand in your way. If you want to hit the beach in an itsy bikini, go for it! If you want to stay in your pjs and watch “Fuller House,” that is perfectly acceptable, too.