Welcome Back! It's Time to Meet Your New Her Campus Lasell E- Board

As Lasell University kicks off a new school year, Her Campus Lasell starts off the semester with a new E-Board! Emalee, Madison, Sara, Gaby, and Anna are so excited to kick off the year and bring so many fun and creative ideas to the Her Campus Lasell team. 


Madison Paloski-  Editor in Chief 

Madison’s Involvement:

Madison decided to join Her Campus with her freshman year roommate.  She was given an e-board position and decided to stay. She says that she loves that she can write about anything she wants, no matter the topic, and that everything she has learned and done in Her Campus has given her experience with online media for the future. 


Madison’s Favorite Article She’s Written:

Hypermasculinity is OFFICIALLY Dead According to These Men’s Streetwear Looks from Fashion Month  

Anna Wall~ Event Director

Anna’s Involvement: 

Anna joined Her Campus as a freshman as a way to become more involved on campus, write about various topics, and make new friends. She loves having fun with the HerCampus Lasell team at meetings and events, and creating fun events that are both exciting and beneficial to the chapter. 

Anna’s Favorite Article She’s Written: 

This Just in: Birds AREN’T Real

Sara Nahoun~ Social Media Director

Sara’s Involvement:

Sara joined Her Campus for a number of reasons. She enjoyed the people, their open-mindedness on various topics, and the amount of creative freedom writers are given when it comes to writing articles, as the possibilities seem endless. 

Sara’s Favorite Article She’s Written: 

Conspiracy Theories: A Shane Dawson Story Part 1

Emalee Gilligan~ President 

Emalee’s Involvement:

Emalee signed up for Her Campus Lasell at the school activities fair after hearing about the club around campus. She really loved the people and thought the club was very fun, so she decided to continue being a member. 

Emalee’s Favorite Article She’s Written:

Emalee's Fab February Favorites: What Our Writer Has Been Lovin' Lately

Gaby Giubilo~ Marketing Director

Gaby's Involvement:

Gaby chose Her Campus because she loves to write. She said it's been part of her life for as long as she can remember. She wanted a way to continue doing it while being a part of something. She loves that she was able to find people just like her that enjoy it as much as she does and that’s the best part.

Gaby's Favorite Article She's Written:

Mean Girls' Aaron Samuels Releases Mean Girls Parody Cookbook

Catch the Her Campus Lasell e-board throwing great campus wide events and writing awesome articles for you this year!

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*photos provided by e-board members