Conspiracy Theories: A Shane Dawson Story Part 1

Recently Shane Dawson has been off the wall, like literally where did the legend go? Well he’s back and this time instead of a psychopath, he decides to out theories.

God save this man if he crosses the illuminati.

Honestly the video felt that someone really did throw you into a spinning clown wheel with really creepy music.

SO I decided to do an analysis on it.

The video starts with Shane being a shameless sponsored post plug and advertising honey. We love a sponsored king, even though it took me whole 1 min to learn that it wasn’t part of the video. Leaving me like:



Now onto the content.

It all starts with Shane in a robe listening to turned off phones with a DVR like filter. Kind of like a home video, but not as happy.

The idea of the theory is that people can hear you on the phone essentially without you realising it. As part of that intro, Garrett Watts was on the phone with his mother, talking about how she has “heard him” talking about her before he called her. At this point Shane is already a whole mood.  

Apparently, to add to the tension (thanks to the backgrounders music) Garrett was also unaware that this was going to be what the conspiracy theory that they were going to go over.

At this point everyone is either one of the two:

Introducing one of the theories formally: that your phone is always listening to you (haha surprise).

As well as the start of the video itself. So let’s dive in.

Theory 1: “Deep Fakes” aka celeb identities / faces being stolen.

As Shane described it Deep Fakes is a program that can render a face 3D from anyone.

One common one is Cage, I guess instead of stealing the Declaration of independence his face just got stolen.

For example this:

Or my personal favourite:

Although as Shane says this tactic is nothing new, but the difference is that in commercials there is a million dollar investment into CGI programs to make it look realistic. Now there’s a simple application that can do it instead, which can be accessed from anyone and from any place. (Also it’s free, what were they thinking this could have made millions in Hollywood.)

This application is known as Fake App.

As this is not used for just fun but also as ways to falsely exploit the faces of celebrities. But it doesn’t stop there, average girls had also had their faces stolen for the purpose of exploitation. Which might I add could destroy someone’s life based on how realistic this app can make it seem.

On top of that this can also be applied to politics and it can be done in real time too.


This problem had gone so far that “Obama” (which was really Jordan Peele) has a possible video of him speaking out about the dangers of this app. (Honestly Shane is messing with my head now).

SO Shane decided to play with it. Let’s just say the results were weirdly pleasing.


But just like any normal person would add to the story. We have to talk about the possibility of a dooms day. (We love a good dooms day).

The summary of the story is as follows:  Someone CGI’s a nuclear threat from the “president’s” face and well you can guess the rest of it.

Leading into Shane going: Hey they don’t have my voice!

Well, guess what you got duped.

Moral of the story: This can frame someone for something they didn’t do. (Also don’t do that that’s not good).



Next Theory? Back to the phones always listening.

Shane decided to test this theory out in a soundproof room. In what I literally assume is a space in the house that they really didn’t know what to do with or wanted to have a really short door with a whole section with it. I don’t know it’s like he’s in the movie clue right now.

Shane, what in the world are you doing?

On to the test. Shane called Garrett, as Garrett was talking to see if he can hear Garrett before he even picks up. This takes about two attempting but nothing was conclusive. Love that. So Shane reverses it so he’s talking and picks up the phone instead but that also doesn’t work.

Shane changes it up by putting his ringer on, Garrett does hear that but doesn’t hear Shane counting. In conclusion Garrett says:

Another guess was about apps. Apps always have the microphone on, as before in earlier in this wild ride. When Garrett mother called, he was on postmates.

Which doesn’t work but I think it’s pretty legit.


Next Theory: California Wildfires Conspiracies

This one is about the Woolsey fire in Southern California.

This fire lasted about 13 days and created a massive amount of damage. There were over three hundred-thousand people that was affected by the wildfire.

Shane’s story about the evacuation started right when he moved into his new house. Like literally the movers left and then they were told that they had to leave right after. Resulting int the fire taking over his life. With unanswered questions, Shane goes off in investigate.

Starting with visiting the sights of effected houses and terrain to see what the deviation looks in real life in a normal working class neighbourhood.

The question that rises is how does one house stay untouched when the neighbourhood or surrounding area was effect?

The origin of the fire was said to be a power plant that had a machine malfunction, which is also one of the theories behind the cause.

After watching a few min of the most painfull footage, we get left on a clip hanger for the part two video.


Next Theory: iPhone Conspiracy Continued 

Starting off strong Garrett is upset about a Kardasian stack of Oreo’s that he is denied from.

Leading into that they talk about the iPhone live features.   Shane took a photo on life and counted to 3. When playing the play back of the live photo, it also included his voice. The thing is he said 1..2…3… before he pressed the capture button.

**Insert Garrett running away**

With some doubts they re-do the photo where they can can all see what Shane was doing. It did the same exact thing as before.

In the apple disclaimer it said that it’s around 3 seconds before and after the photo. Although officially it had also claimed that it is also always on, yes like Garrett meltdown announced: even in the bathroom.

This leads to the conspiracy that they store this information and another cliffhanger of Shane holding his phone to his ears again.


Next Theory: Brainwashing Children

The Conspiracy- Hidden messages in children shows

To some purposes of this theory I will gloss over it due to the darker theme that is covers.

The main focus in spongebob. Everyone knows Spongebob. Well there is more than just the hidden messages that most adults would catch onto such as prison references.

The episode on focus was the “are you happy now” episode, where Squidward was suffering from  depression. This episode has references all through out it of a deeper and darker theme, but that not the only one.

But this is not the only cartoon that has these topics, there is even one from 1930 that was brought up.

Having these messages in the cartoons can be seen as influencing the youth or in other words “Brainwashing”.

Theories of why they would do this is:

1- population control

2- Societies in fear can be controlled easier

3- Other exploitations of fame, money, and more

Even a board games called the game of life comes up, talking about how if “you don’t win, you lose”. Where you make money, have fame, compete about others, and more.

Games such as London Bridge, Ring around the Rosey, Ouija, twister, and hangman.

Nursery Rhymes like rock-a-bye-baby, humpty dumpty, its raining its pouring, and peter peter pumpkin.

And far more that have underlying messages through out, even part childhood.

This can reflect on current things that happen in current times that a the bi-product of these influences. Yes, even if it’s just from a cartoon.


Iphone Conspiracy Part 3

There’s an app called Zepeto.

Its an app where you can basically make a wii mii on an iPhone for kids.

The theory is that the app records you at all times or as someone says “stalking you”.

In which Shane as the king he is goes head first onto the app. Love that for him. He makes an account. This was the first attempt at it.



Apparently according the the Zepeto camera, he’s bald.

You also get to customise it, so don’t worry he fixed it.

After making an account and using it for a very short while, Shane exposes the first argument. Putting the phone to your ear while using the app, you can hear static which means your microphone is open. There’s a catch too. That same static is there even after the app is closed.

This is some next level stuff happening here.

(me on my phone trying this)

Which brought us to siri. To have siri hear you say “hey Siri” the phone has to be listening the whole time anyways. Even with the statement says that its just the keywords, it still seems sketchy.


Next Theory: Disney’s Frozen

SO we all know frozen is about ice and snow and the cold, that’s old news. Although the real question is what this is a reference to?

Well companies use google to hide particular things that shouldn’t be posted.

The theory is is frozen a cover up for the “rumours” that Walt Disney had his body frozen under Disney.

What helps this rumour get supported is that Disney was in fact looking into it. Theres even a place that already has people inside in in the hopes of finding immortality.

One experiment that was done was on a frog that was what would be assumed as dead with all the signs. The thing is the frog does come back to life.

Due to this there had to be a coverup. That would be the movie; Frozen.

Now think about the frog that was frozen and came back to life using heat. Theres a connection between the movies plot and the theories. Including the idea that Disneys head might be frozen as well, just look at the Frozen trailer you’ll see what I mean.


Next Theory: Subliminal Messages in Stores

Stores do anything for attention by customers. From sales and out of business sales.

One tactic that they use are the subliminal messages. Using colour psychology or even outright signs. Like this one from KFC. 


Which leads to KFC claims that it was for a contest that lets be honest, never happened. So the question was why?

There was also a times when a McDonalds ad was flashed on the screen while show was happening for one frame.

Watch related? The watches are all set on 10:10.

Theres also a magazine that is called SFX that sends out covers that read as “SEX” because of specific formatting.

Then comes the most surprising one, the grocery store. Everything about the store is about getting to buy you things from the moment that you walk into it. Even down to the shopping carts shape.

The tactic is the first thing you do is see the bakery. Triggering you to smell nice things and wanting to buy it.

Then putting the essentials in to the deep caverns of the store so you HAVE to see everything.

The candy at checkout is eye level so you can see it right before you leave and pay.

Specially the kids. Having the candy at eye level with let them see it and want to buy it.

Moving to restaurants. They also have messages like at Disney (haha once again yes). Where they have vents that smell like candy to convince you to eat.

Then at high end retail trains their associates to be rude to convince you to buy more to show that you do belong at that store.

Another thing, Hollister blasts music but its in every store. Why? Because the louder the music the more you are willing to empty your wallet for them. Making you disoriented.

SO Shane the brave man that he is, goes into a Hollister.

Although at the end the Hollister was nothing like how it used to be. Meaning everything changed, due to lawsuits that even reached the supreme court.

Then goes into what it was like there and who the CEO was before the turn around. The CEO basically made his own movie set out of a show with the “Models”. It was about excluding a type of costumer that isn’t like them. Which was flat out racism and body shaming.


Next Theory: IPhone Conspiracy part 4

IPhone dependancy. We all are dependent. Unless you are not. In which I bid you farewell strong solider. 

It was a wild intro but what I got was that they called apple god and the logo is the apple from Adam and Eve. BUT theres a bite in the apple, meaning that we bite into the apple…..? I think.

Now here is the real lowdown. Im about to cover the last 20 min of the video. That goes in depth with the California Fires Theories.

Hold your seats or your phones. This is about to get wild via bullet points.

The Fires:  

    -Twitter got ahold of it and spread like wild fire

    -Lazers was blamed

    -Theories is that it was from the military

-Government is playing with fire in locations (?)

    -Someone saw a video that seemed strange that appeared to be a laser due to a thing that was “energy flashes

-Another reason was the aftermath

    -Overhead footage that has homes and a path of burnt damage but there are sports that its untouched

        -One out of three houses is burned but there is one house that was untouched

    -Another theory is that the fires started inside the house

        -In the news some houses are burnt from the inside out and not the inside in

        -Over powered appliances is a possibility

        -aka a microwave blowing up

Next argument is about the Santa Susana Field Laboratory

        -there a place that used to test nuclear reactors

        -there was a nuclear meltdown that was never completely cleaned up

        -aka theres nuclear waste there

        -The best part: the fire started there, which is were they tested atomics

        -Theory: the gov wanted to have the chemicals disperse in the air so they set up bombs

        -The dangers of living there means that they are at a higher risk of cancer

        -With the fire going it released more toxins in the air

        -People are starting to wear masks

        -the government did tests that said it was okay but there were other tests that didn’t not have the same results

    -Another argument: the campfire

        -8 hours before the woolsey fire

        -lasted for 17 days and the 4th deadliest

        -an entire town (paradise) was demolished

        -People tried to get away but didn’t know which was the fire was going

        -possible that the Woolsey fire was a cover up

        -there was no warning or evacuation notice

        -Woolsey fire started were all the celebrities live

        -Celebrities lost their homes

        -once the news got wind the campfire fire was long forgotten

        -a giraffe was talked about more than the campfire fire

    -Last argument

        -homeowners starting the fires instead

        -to collect insurance because they cant afford the lifestyle anymore

And this is where we get off until Part 2 of Conspiracy theories with Shane Dawson.

*Photos are screengrabs throughout the 1 hour and 44 minute special.