Mean Girls' Aaron Samuels Releases Mean Girls Parody Cookbook

     Mean Girls' very own Jonathan Bennett has published a parody burn (cook) book of the ever-popular movie released on October 2nd (the day before Mean Girls Day). You might remember Jonathan as the handsome Aaron Samuels. The foreword was written by Gretchen Weiners herself, Lacey Chabert. When you open the burn (cook) book, you will notice all of the cleverly-thought up names for the recipes such as Are Buttermilk Pancakes a carb?. Each chapter is named using iconic lines from the movie and the recipes are named using puns. How fun!

     What else do you need to know about the book? Well, Bennett dedicated the cookbook to his parents and everyone who has been personally victimized by Regina George. Many of the recipes come from Bennett’s mother herself. Bennett’s mother passed away in 2012, and cooking is his way of being close to his mom. She would bring homecooked food to his rehearsals and shoots in support of his acting career.

     In total, the book has eight chapters, each cleverly named after the most iconic Mean Girls lines. Bennett states, “We worked backward to make the recipes.” He follows with “we came up with the puns and funny names first then created the recipes around them.” Each recipe comes from Bennett’s mother’s own handwritten recipes. The book itself is designed to model the classic Burn Book from the movie. The book models the original’s classic pink, black and white color scheme. Each chapter ends with a treat. Not a food treat, though. The chapters end with quizzes, drinking games and DIYs.

     I saved the best for last. The book has Fetch Facts, cleverly named after Chabert’s most iconic quote. “That’s so fetch!” Throughout the book, Bennett leaves little behind-the-scenes facts about how the movie came together in 2004.

     You know what that means?

     Get in Loser, we’re going shopping!