4 Reasons People Don't Do Yoga

Yoga is simply defined as an activity involving different postures, breathing techniques, and occasional meditation. It originates from India and is centered around Hindu beliefs. As millenials and Gen Zers have moved towards more free spirited, hippy lifestyles, yoga is on the rise. However, there are still many misconceptions about the pastime that ought to be resolved.

  1. 1. Lack of Flexibility

    The most typical excuse why people say yoga is not for them is because they aren't flexible. Yoga is not like dance or gymnastics in the way that we drop into the splits every class. In fact, yoga is meant to be very welcoming of all levels of experience and of all body types. Every class has different difficulty levels that a person can choose from. It's further important to mention that there are many types of yoga to meet the needs of everyone whether it's for exercise and strength, stress and tension relief, etc.

  2. 2. Distracted Minds

    The next reason is that people struggle to focus. It can be hard to detach from our phones and quiet our minds so this is understandable. Nonetheless, you cannot judge an acne cream on one day of use. That focus will come over time if you stick with it. It's called a practice for a reason; the mastery over your mind will come.

  3. 3. Self-Consciousness

    Another reason people are reluctant is that they are self conscious in a few ways. Either they feel uncomfortable in tight clothing or feel awkward and out of place in the poses. Yoga clothes are supposed to be freeing and comfortable so it is best to find some attire you enjoy. Sweatpants and a t-shirt are perfectly functional! Moreover, everyone is in their own world in yoga. The only reason a person would be looking at you is if they are confused and you are modeling the pose for them. Remember, yoga is non judgemental.

  4. 4. Money

    The last argument for abstaining from yoga is the cost. The classes are expensive and investing in a mat and clothing is even more. What makes yoga so expensive is purchasing classes one at a time. Many places have yoga classes in packages that average $10-$12 a class! A hack for getting some inexpensive classes is to go around your city to every yoga studio trying out their new member specials. Some places give unlimited month trials for $30-$40. In the process you can find which studio you like the most. You can rent a yoga mat at most places as well. Clothing is not a big issue as you probably already have what you need. Yet, it doesn't hurt to buy one cute matching outfit to get you motivated to go to class. If you really want to save, you can search yoga videos on Youtube. My favorite instructor is Yoga with Adriene!


For all of these miniscule justifications for not attending yoga, the benefits outweigh by a landslide. Yoga is good for the mind, body, and soul. Learning the breathing techniques help quell one's thoughts and connect the mind to the body. Yoga breathing can be used at any time to cope with panic, anxiety, and overactive thoughts. The breathing and poses also help oxygenate the blood and improve circulation. Increasing one's mobility and flexibility will definitely help in the aging process. Yoga fosters self love and appreciation for the body's amazing abilities. Through yoga one can be more peaceful and loving in everyday life.