Gym Routine to Try Before Summer Arrives

Summer is around the corner, which means it's time to start toning your mid-section and booty.

If you are someone who likes to eat, sleep, is stressed out, or have little to no motivation like myself, then going to the gym is exactly what you need. After 23 years I finally realized that going to the gym does in fact make you feel better. It may be a little awkward at first not knowing what workouts to do, wondering if people are watching you, etc., but honestly, no one really cares about watching you personally because everyone is there for themselves.

When you finally encourage yourself to go to the gym, do it for yourself and only yourself. Take it from me ladies, it’s worth it. I have been going to the gym for about a month now and I can honestly say that going made me feel like I’m in control. My eating habit is healthier, I drink more water than usual, my booty is starting to look poppin in my jeans, and my self-esteem is growing. If you’re not ready for the gym just yet, then at least do simple tasks that make you feel good and just keep doing it until it becomes a routine or habit.

I am devoting this year to myself because I have had a struggle with self-love in the past and it’s time for me to do the things I should’ve been doing a long time ago, for instance going to the gym. My gym routine may seem like a lot, but it’s because I sometimes do 2-3 workouts at the same time. I have seen my body change since I started going to the gym a month ago. This routine is working for me and I guarantee it will work for you, too.

"It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see the change. Give it 12 weeks. Don't quit". -Pinterest

Ladies, its time to wake up, put on your cute lululemon leggings and hit the gym. Here is my personal fitness plan for you to try today:

  • My Fitness Plan:

    • Height and Weight: 5’3, 127lbs
    • Goal Weight: 125lbs
    • Gym Days: 5 days a week (1hr 30min – 2hours)
    • To tone mid-section (pooch), lift booty, and strengthen arms and legs
    • Waist Trainer: Wear up to 5 hours, 3x a week
  • Warm up: 5 days a week
    • Elliptical (15min)
  1. Arm/Back Day: (5sets)
    1. Traditional Curls (10reps, 15lbs)
    2. Dumbbell Push Press (10reps, 10lbs)
    3. Dumbbell Font Raise (10reps, 10lbs)
    4. Bent-Over Row (10reps, 10lbs)
    5. Overhead Triceps Extension (10reps, 10lbs)
    6. Underhand Kickback (10reps, 10lbs)
    7. High Pull (10repts, 20lbs)
    8. Triceps Pushdown Rope (10 reps, 40lbs)
    9. Lat Pull Down Wide Grip (10reps, 40lbs)
    10. Lower Back Seated Row (10reps, 40lbs)
    11. Cable Lateral Raise (10reps, 20lbs)
    12. Back Extension (10reps, 10lbs)
  1. Glute/Leg Day: (5sets)
    1. Squat Machine (10reps, 40lbs)
    2. Deadlifts (6reps, 30lbs)
    3. Lunges (15reps, 10lbs)
    4. Pelvic Tilt Weight Lifts (15reps, 20lbs)
    5. Plie Squat with Dumbbell (15reps, 10lbs)
    6. Cable Back Kicks (15reps, 40lbs)
    7. Sidekicks (15reps, 10lbs)
    8. Hip Abductor (15reps, 80lbs)
    9. Leg Press (15reps, 100lbs)
    10. Floor Hip Extensions (30reps, x2set)
    11. Pelvic Tilt/Bridge (30reps, x2set)
  1. Abs Day: (5set)
    1. Hanging (10reps)
    2. Cable Oblique Crunch (15reps)
    3. Overhead Sit-Up (15reps, 10lbs)
    4. Sitting Twists (15 reps, 10lbs)
    5. Sit Ups (30reps)
    6. Side Crunches (30reps)
    7. Knee Crunches (30reps)
    8. Reverse Crunches (30reps)
    9. Leg Raises (10reps)
    10. Butt-Ups (10reps)
    11. Elbow Planks (1-2 min hold, x3set)

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