How To Not Have It All

How to Not Have It  All


Okay, ladies. Let me be frank. College is just bananas sometimes. We all get stressed. We all have too much on our plate. We all have friend issues. We all have boy issues. We all have “Should I eat this pizza or go to bed?” issues. Sometimes it just feels like you are going crazy when it also feels like everything should be right in the world. Wrong. We are all in the same boat. We can’t have it all. And that’s okay!


Forget to text someone back

It’s okay to have a little alone time without your phone blowing up. Just turn that phone off and enjoy a silent night to yourself. If there is an emergency, your besties will find a way to reach you.

Eat that pizza

It’s not going to kill you if you eat a piece or two or three! Enjoy your comfort food with no regrets!


Take a night off

Studying and getting everything done for your classes are very important. It’s hard to find a gap in your schedule where you are not doing anything. When you do find that time, cherish it! Take time for yourself and perform some self-care. Everyone needs a breather every now and then.

Don’t dress for success

It’s perfectly okay to want to dress up for class. It can be fun! But it is also perfectly okay to not dress up too. Remember that if you wear pajamas to class, most people will be jealous.


Don’t settle for that one guy

Dating in college sucks. We all have that one guy who likes us and we kinda wanna like them back. DO NOT SETTLE. Don’t be with them to just to be with someone. Look for that someone who will compliment your own traits and who you really like instead of attaching to what is convenient.



Cry. Sob. Bawl! Anything to get that stress out! Crying is a result of holding in too much emotion. Let it out and you will feel better.


Break a rule (a small one)

Breaking a rule can sometimes let us let loose. It doesn't have to be a set in stone rule and it definitely doesn't mean breaking the law. It may be a personal rule (finishing all homework before watching tv), a rule you grew up with (going to bed by 10 pm), or a rule society made (wearing a full face of makeup every day).  There are other opportunities to “break a rule” all around us so keep an eye out. Just don’t get caught!

Sleep in

It’s the weekend! Get the much-needed sleep you lost during the week.


Don’t write it down

Sometimes there is harm in being too organized. It can actually cause your head to be too cluttered with lists, calendars, and plans. So don’t write it down. Make your priorities clear and let go of other variables spinning around in your head.

Let the crazy out

Go crazy! Have a fun night with friends! Get silly! Laugh until you cry! Dance and sing as loud as possible! Go on an adventure! And most importantly, do what you need to do to let that crazy out in order to let the sanity in.

Shine Bright <3