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You HAVE to run to lose weight.

Incorrect! I have recently been researching a lot about beneficial ways to work out. I have been searching for routines to lose weight and also build muscle. Recently I have been informed that you can actually lose weight effectively by lifting weights. Previously, I thought that cardio was the most beneficial way to lose weight, however, I learned that when you are lifting weights it boosts your metabolism which helps you lose weight more efficiently. If you do not like running you can lift weights, walk on an incline, do Zumba, and so much more! Let me tell you – when I found out that I did not have to run every day my gym motivation spiked!

You have to work out 5 times a week every week to lose weight!

I am about to tell you the secret trick to losing weight… Calorie Deficit! Formula says, that if you eat fewer calories than you burn then you will lose weight! This does not mean cutting out food that you enjoy, or even cutting out everything unhealthy. This can be met by paying attention to portion sizes! This also can be met by moderation. If you want to have Chic-Fil-A for dinner, then eat a lower-calorie breakfast and lunch! In my opinion, a calorie deficit is the easiest ‘diet’ to maintain long-term! 

Doing ab exercises will get rid of your stomach pouch.

When you are engaging in ab exercises you are building the muscles under your stomach (your core) not burning the fat on top of your stomach. This does not mean you should not engage in ab exercises, it just means make sure you are targeting and building all different areas of your body. Ab exercises are great, and personally my favorite. However, you cannot spot reduce so making sure to engage all of your body in exercise will be most beneficial long term for weight loss!

You can choose where you lose fat by the exercises you are doing.

This myth surprised me the most! I thought that if you work on arms one day, that is where you will lose weight. Or, if you do ab exercises then you will lose weight in your stomach, etc. You canNOT spot reduce fat. When you are working out you draw energy from ALL parts of your body, not just the area you are working. In addition to that, you are usually working more than one area of your body when doing an exercise. For example, when you are squatting you are engaging your core, quads, glutes, etc. 

It is best to exercise in the morning, especially on an empty stomach.

Many people think that if you exercise on an empty stomach then you’ll burn your fat off instead of the food you just ate, therefore lose weight faster. The issue with not eating before you workout is that you will have less energy to workout, thus having a less beneficial workout. In addition to this, it does not matter what time of day you workout. Personally, I enjoy working out right before bed because it makes me sleep more soundly and my muscles have more time to relax right after working them! 

All in all, you are beautiful just the way you are. Do not work out for anyone but yourself. Remember, there is no perfect picture body as we are all structured differently. Also, easier said than done, but do not compare yourself to anyone else, that never helps! You are perfect! 


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