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An Introverted Girl’s Guide to Getting Through a Day at University

University campuses can be delightfully interesting places that enable one to reflect upon the generation and dissemination of human knowledge. Or, not. They can also be a series of impossibly-packed hallways, crowded cafeterias and lecture halls that constantly seem to be full of talkative students. These features may make any university campus a slightly overwhelming environment for introverts, who usually prefer the blissful and peaceful silence that stems from solitude. Here are four tips to help any introverted girl survive those days at university where the world just seems to have too many people!


1. Have a designated spot on campus to recharge

Selecting a specific peaceful spot (and several back ups) on campus where you can rest and recharge between classes is an excellent way to prevent worry and feeling overwhelmed. Investigating silent study areas in the library or student lounges located on the upper floors of buildings around campus are usually good (and more importantly, quiet) areas to eat your lunch, catch up on readings, or just relax.


2. Take deep breaths

Taking deep breaths really can help promote calmness when standing in a narrow hallway among a swarm of other students rushing to their next class. Concentrating on your breathing and taking deep breaths that fill your lungs with oxygen can help you remain relaxed and forget about everyone around you.


3. Surround yourself with people who care

Being surrounded by people who love you and genuinely care about your well-being can brighten anyone’s day, but these people can be especially vital to introverts who may constantly feel the social pressure to become chatterboxes. Those who care are your special friends, family members, coworkers and classmates who know you and respect you just for who you are. They do not pressure you to change or push you to be more talkative, but rather appreciate your perceptivity, your dry sense of humour, your incredible attention to detail and your superb listening skills. They are the ones who are comfortable with your love of silence.


4. It is perfectly okay to refuse invitations to social events

There is absolutely nothing wrong with refusing invites to social outings now and again if you do not feel up to it. Being surrounded by dozens of strangers in a jam-packed nightclub with pounding music can be utter torture to the introvert who has just had a full day of classes on a busy university campus. Many people think that introverts are antisocial or shy, but that is just not the case! Generally, we prefer the company of a few close friends and talking about important things rather than trivial concepts. Refusing social invitations now and again means that you are doing an outstanding job of listening to yourself and what you need!

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