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How to Practice Self Care During Finals Season

It’s that time of the year: finals season. This may be a time of stress and anxiety. More than ever, you need to find ways to maintain yourself and your mental health. One of the best ways to do this is with intentional self-care. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time for self-care during finals,” but that’s not true! 

Keep reading to find out some easy ways to care for yourself during exams. 


[bf_image id="8m7gkg3jp6h67hmnn59x"] Your mind is probably telling you now is the time to cut back on sleep and study. Wrong! This is the time to catch up on those Z’s. Not only will sleep help you perform better, but it’ll help you feel relaxed and refreshed! Try not to pull any all-nighters and stick to your usual sleep schedule, it’s the easiest form of self-care!


[bf_image id="zb49vwq86cgtj938xtpsmtn"] You may not have the time for a full-body workout, but you may have time for a quick walk or yoga session. Getting your body moving is a great way to get your brain working and your mind at ease. Try to take a study break to walk your dog or do some Youtube cardio. Your mind and body will thank you!


[bf_image id="qpkk5hj7pmrh2whpfk6hxk4r"] This is THE ultimate stress reliever. It’ll help give your mind a great recharge and refocus. There are so many apps that provide super short but super effective sequences. My favorite is Breathe.

Watch Your Favorite Show

[bf_image id="g7srgqj4sn555rshjkmmtrb"] This may not be the best time to binge-watch, but it’s a great time to watch an episode or two during a study break. During this time, your body and brain are undergoing some stress. Add some normalcy to the mix by adding in a couple of episodes of your favorite show. I like to incorporate an episode of Sex & The City into my long study sessions.

1, 2, 3, Breathe

[bf_image id="sgprb9xbtf3tr3kmrwbrc9sp"] Though this seems like the most stressful time in the world, you’re gonna get through it. So don’t abandon your mind and body in the midst. Try one of these tips or take care of yourself any way you can. Finals are not worth plaguing your body with worry and stress. As always, we wish you luck. You got this girl!

Moya Leung is a journalism major with a concentration in public relations and a marketing minor at Georgia State University. Her interests include social media management, fashion, public relations, writing & taking pictures. Her goal is to be a Public Relations Director or Social Media Manager for a major fashion company. If it has to do with fashion, marketing or socializing, she's there. Enjoy some of her writings here and keep up with her on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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