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Gamify Your Life: Reprogram Your Brain for Midterms

The “Gamify Your Life” series compares your life to a video game so that you can focus on mental health and self-healing. This concept might help you distance yourself from your problems, because gaining perspective on recurring, habitual issues might help you find solutions to them.

Reclaim your energy

Midterms are an incredibly difficult time for students! You might be tempted to “just push through” and work whenever you can, especially when your avatar’s energy is coming in inconsistent, short bursts. Personally, I fall into this mindset a lot! I’m prone to burnout, so I try my hardest to work whenever I have energy. It’s like I’m speed-running through to-do lists instead of trying to 100% the game.

Pushing myself like this actually has the opposite effect – I know I’ll burn out eventually, so I work harder as a fear response. I’m so busy worrying that my character will slack off later on in the level that my breaks are filled with anxiety over deadlines and plans…

But if you don’t take breaks, your body will force you to. Your depleted energy bar has to fill back up at some point! Avoid the “freshman flu” that hits every winter with these tips.

Set a routine

Our minds thrive on routine. Your character will fall into a focused mindset much more easily if you control their sensory intake during study sessions.

Have you ever heard of the old psychological trick to chew gum when prepping for an exam and then again when you’re taking the test? That’s the same idea! The taste of mint associated with learning during both periods actually helps your brain recall information easier.

  • Routine plans – keep yourself organized. Try a habit-tracking app or write notes by hand. Every system of planning has its own ups and downs, but they only work if you’re consistent! Keeping a timeline of due dates helps you manage overwhelming feelings + block out time for work and breaks.
  • Routine place – you need a clean, quiet space to study! Home might not always be the best option. I always get sidetracked tidying my room or playing with my cats, so my favorite spot is the library on campus.
  • Routine vibe – pay attention to your five senses. Absolute quiet isn’t the best for me, but listening to music with words is too distracting. I’d suggest lo-fi, ambient noise, or even a beloved video game soundtrack to keep you energized + fill you with determination. Maybe try a beverage like coffee or tea (keep in mind that all bodies react differently to caffeine!) and even a nutritious snack like fruit or yogurt.

Reprogramming your brain can help your character overcome periods of extreme stress + busy schedules like midterms.

Alex Gholston

Georgia Southern '22

Alex Gholston is a Writing and Linguistics major and English minor at Georgia Southern University. Right now, Alex is working on an honors thesis, a new-adult/fantasy fiction novel critiquing traditional gender roles with themes of self-expression and intimacy. Alex is an essayist, editor, and freelancer studying English + professional and technical writing. Find Alex on Twitter: @agholstonwriter
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