How to Have a Healthy Finals Week

With so many exams and so little time in between, it can be hard to stay on top of your health and well being. It is easy to reach for the salty snack and big cups of coffee, but that’s not so great when all of that catches up with you- in the form of bloating and break outs. Here are just a few ideas on how to keep your body fueled with the right stuff this time around. The better you eat, the better you will feel!

1. Start the day with a good breakfast  

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. It’s important that you fuel your body with the right stuff as soon as the day starts! Overnight oats are a fantastic option if you are looking for something filling and quick. Basically, you prepare everything in a jar or container, and leave it in the fridge overnight for the oats to soften up. These are customizable and can be made to suit your taste as well. There are tons of ideas for them on Pinterest. These oats are so easy to put together, as they can be made the night before, and are a great way to make sure you’re eating a good breakfast.

2. Have greens for lunch

Following the theme of jarred meals, jar salads are a great and fun way to get a helping of healthy greens. They can also be made the night before, and customized to your liking. The most important part is that you get your greens, as they are packed with necessary vitamins that your brain needs during such a stressful week. A good balance of greens such as spinach, arugula, or kale, balanced with healthy carbs and proteins can be just what you are craving for lunch!

3. Reach for the right snacks

With all sorts of temptations and cravings, it can be really hard to not reach for a bag of chips or a sugary snack. The thing is, once you start snacking on them, you can’t stop. It’s healthy to snack, but important to snack on the healthy stuff! Starbucks is has great options for healthy snacks you can grab while you fill up on the coffee there (you know it’s going to happen). The store has awesome chickpea pops, trail mix bags, and fruit bars- a lot of which even happen to be vegan!

4. Keep in mind that coffee isn't always the best

With the new Dunkin Donuts open on campus, the craving for iced coffee will be stronger than ever. Keep in mind just how much sugar is in that coffee, and re-evaluate. Do you really need that third cup? Instead, maybe try some tea (thankfully most of them are caffeinated). The Argo Tea on campus is full of great tea flavors and options; you can even get tea lattes!