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5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break at Home

By: Shabrina ParikhVia Geek.com

As much as we would all love to go on exotic spring break trips, a lot of us are broke college kids. If you have the luxury of chilling at home for a week, here’s what you can do to make the most of your staycation!

1. Eat…a lot

Campus food is great and all, but it’s nice to treat yourself once in a while to a home-cooked meal . Now that you have some time, why not try your hand at cooking or baking? If you’re too lazy, pretend to help your mom while she cooks! Via Giphy

2. Spend time with your family

Whether you live on campus or commute, odds are you haven’t been able to spend enough time with your family. Homework, exams and extracurriculars tend to eat up every second of a college students’ schedule. Now that you’re home, cherish your time! Go on a walk with a family member! Watch a disney movie with your younger siblings! Or my personal favorite, GROUP HUGS!Via Giphy

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3. Catch up on sleep

Midterms have been exhausting for all of us, and you’ve probably spent the last week frying your brain with study guides and flashcards. Spring break is the perfect time to stop setting alarms and catch some zzzz’s (Also, can we talk about how cute Harry Styles looks here! *heart eye emoji*)

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4. Blanket, popcorn and Netflix

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Let’s face it, you’ve been drained with the past few weeks of college, so why not finally treat yourself with some well-deserved “me time?” Put on that face mask, pop that popcorn, get under that blanket and press play.

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4. Read articles!

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What better way to spend your spring break than to read cool and intriguing articles? You can learn, laugh and get inspired! The possibilities are endless! Now I don’t know about you, but my personal favorite is a website called Her Campus. ;)

Fun spring breaks don’t always have to include beaches and tans. Sometimes all you need is to relax and enjoy your own surroundings. Take a break for once and breathe, you deserve it. Have a fun and safe spring break, collegiettes!


Shabrina Parikh

George Mason University '21

Hi! My name is Shabrina, and I am a senior majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management. When I am not busy in my RA role, you can find me giving campus tours. I aspire to one day change the world with my words, and make a difference in my own little way.
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