Netflix Shows Worth Binge Watching

Everyone always has those days where you want to relax with some food and Netflix. Well, Netflix is putting out new episodes so get ready to start bingeing on these hot and ready shows.

Master of None

If you liked Aziz Ansari in Parks and Recreation (another great binge-worthy show), you will love Master of None. The seasons themselves are quite different but episode sends a message that usually is not covered in normal shows or even news. If you like romantic comedies season two will tug at your heart as you go along this story and experiences that somewhat overlap Aziz Ansari’s own personal troubles.

The Walking Dead

If you couldn’t catch The Walking Dead Season 7 on cable then never fear Netflix just came out with it! So, get ready to get back on the apocalyptic world filled with zombies and even more scary – people. If you haven’t watched about now is a good time to start as Season 8 is going to be on cable in a month!

Once Upon a Time

Do you like fairytales? If so, Once Upon a Time just came out with a new season! With cliffhangers and new stories, you can make time to watch it!


Ozark is a relatively new Netflix show and although it only has one season it is still very binge-worthy…although it might fast. If you like drama and Jason Bateman acting seriously this is a great show for you.


Another Netflix Original, that is now become a fan favorite, Narcos, just dropped its Season 3 and people are already bingeing it. So go watch it so they can make more!